There is a quote what I wanted to share with you today and ask you one simple question : Do You Know what you want ?

Find your passion , find out what is that you really and truly want, use your imagination and you will find out, That as soon as you KNOW for sure what you want and you FEEL it deep down in your mind and in your heart that is already yours , your dream, your “want” will became your reality.

I wish you all a great day.



Just like that :)

Hello everyone ,

It’s a beautiful Saturday evening, isn’t it? Feeling relaxed, happy and finally surrounded by my loved ones. I had a very busy and exciting week, many of my wishes came true, I’ve got tired. But a different “tired” than I’m used to be. Good tired, happy tired. As in the past few months I’ve learned to rest, not to give up, I’ve learned how and where to focus my energy, my undivided attention. Slowly slowly I can see the results and I can feel the energy through my whole body. And believe me, that’s an amazing feeling. I wish so much that you, my dear friend feel the same as well. I wish you to learn how to rest and never give up, how to focus on your goal. Spend every day a couple of minutes visualizing the life what you always wanted, feel it in every cell of your body. And when the next Saturday comes, just take a look on the week that just gone by and you will see that you moved a step closer. And as you move closer to your goal, to your dream, your confidence in yourself will grow and grow. Believe in yourself and in your ability to succeed.

Saying all this , I wish All a blessed and wonderful Saturday evening.

With love,




Hi my dear friend,

Hope you had a great day today.  🙂

The reason I am posting today is because I am very happy and soooo excited…it is amazing how many beautiful and motivated people I meet along the way, it is unbelievable how everything what I have been asking for starts to develop and starts to have a shape, how my business starts to grow and it is amazing how I transform myself. A couple of months ago if someone would told me that in 6 months I will have my own business, I will talk to people and show them that is possible to move forward if they are willing to, if someone would have told me that I will be happy every day, I would laugh.

As I was different. But now, it is just amazing. To see how other people grow and try to do their best to reach their dreams, how I feel seeing that it is really happening and this makes me believe more and more in myself, believe more and more in the power of my mind and in the existence of the law of attraction, it is amazing to see how every piece of the puzzle find its place. I am so happy because I know that if I grow and I learn more and more, I will be able to help more and more people to grow as well. We all deserve to be happy, we all deserve to have a dream, no matter how small or big, and we all deserve to reach that dream. I have learned along the way to ask help and seek advice when necessary, and I found that people are really and truly willing to help. I feel energized and vibrant, and I wish everybody could feel the same.

If you feel lost, if you feel that you cannot find your place, do not worry. Start working on yourself, set a goal for yourself, find your motivation and do something to reach your goal, do something every day, do not procrastinate. Be grateful for what you already have and what you will have in the future, even if you cannot see it right now, if you have the desire, the faith, the motivation, than you will succeed. I am telling you this, not because I read it somewhere, not because someone told me, but because I experienced it myself and it is amazing. It is extraordinary to experience the change, the transformation within myself, and all this because I know exactly what my goal is and I know exactly where I want to be and who I want to be.

Dare to be you, dare to follow your dreams, dare to have a big goal and go for it. Every one of us deserve the best possible life and we all deserve to live our life the way we want it. Go for your dreams, do not hesitate, find the “reason why” you want to do it and you will grow, you will shine and you will succeed.

With this being said, I wish you all a blessed and beautiful evening

With love,




This morning my sister sent me a quote: “Your first though in the morning should be “Thank you!”

What a big truth. You should learn to go to bed in the evening and wake up every morning saying “thank you” for all that you have and for all that is yet to come. You have to learn to see the beauty in every day, to give a smile, a hug to all those who need it the most, to give a small present or a good word to everyone around you. The thing is, that we don’t realize that every hour, every minute of our life is a present, we shouldn’t waste it on hate, fear and anxiety. Living in joy, happiness, dreaming and taking small steps every day toward your dreams should be the way we live our lives. If you stay positive, good things will come to you, if you have the desire to succeed, the motivation to move forward, you will succeed. But you should never forget to say “thank you”. Many are not as lucky as you are, many don’t live the life you are living, many don’t have the chance to wake up in the morning.

You are lucky, yet, you don’t know it. You should be thankful for the sunshine and for the rain, for the challenges what come across along the way, as this challenges are given to you with a reason. To make you better, to teach you a lesson, to learn how to do it better next time. Be thankful for the family and friends what you have, for every moment when you are alive. Our life once will come to an end. That’s a fact. But the way you spend your life until then, that’s the difference.

Build your life, your dream, your legacy in your terms, as every day is the last day of your life. Say “thank you” in the evening for the day what just gone by, say “thank you” in the morning for the new day ahead you.

Love, Krisztina


A different one


What I’m going to say today it is a little bit different.

Have you ever had the feeling that you are at the wrong place and the wrong time? What I have learned during the past few years is, that you should always listen to your feelings, your emotions regarding a certain person, situation or place.

I made a choice to follow my dream, my road and I am doing the best I can to reach the goal. But sometimes, it happens that what I thought to be a good idea, the right person, the perfect situation, when I found myself into it, it proved to be the wrong one. Or not the kind of situation in which I would like to be, not the one I want.

Couple of years ago, I was very anxious, I didn’t dare to step out from an unpleasant situation, or just leave if I knew that I was on the wrong place, being afraid of what others will think of me, being afraid of being rude, impolite, being afraid that people will judge me, I was consumed by it. So, I just simply stayed there, feeling miserable, bored, nervous, not in my best mood, trying to please others, smiling when I didn’t felt like I want to smile, shaking hands when I knew that I’m not with the right people.

But nowadays, I pay more attention to my feelings, my emotions. I know exactly what I want, who I want to be and where I want to go. I gave up trying to please everybody around me, as my mental wellbeing, “me” is more important.  The only thing that really matters ow is how I feel and what I think about myself.  There is nothing wrong in admitting that you have made a mistake and you walk away from something what is not for you, there is nothing wrong in listening to your heart, to your emotions. I consider that I am a very sociable and friendly person, I love to learn new things all the time, but one thing is for sure: I know that what I want to learn will bring me closer to my goal. I am not trying to be perfect, I am aware that I cannot be good in everything, I know now, that I don’t need to know everything. It is perfectly fine for me if I know those things what are necessary to bring me closer to who I want to be and where I want to be.

In the past, I always had the urge to justify myself, my actions, my emotions to others. But nowadays, I say like this: the only person I need to give explanation and in front of whom I  need to justify my decisions it’s me. Only me. You my dear friend, don’t be afraid to do what is the best for you, don’t think on what people will say or think about you. It’s they’re problem, not yours.  As long as you know deep down in your heart that you are doing the right thing for you, you avoid stress and anxiety, you don’t have to give explanation to anyone. You are the master of your thoughts, your feelings, you are the creator of your own life, not anybody else. So if you feel good, you have the feeling of happiness, joy and you feel the energy flowing inside you when you are in a certain situation, when you talk to someone, then you are on the right track. But when you have the feeling that is something wrong, that you don’t like it, you don’t wish to be there, it gives you nervousness, you are bored, then just simply walk away.  Don’t try to achieve what you think that other people think that you should achieve. This doesn’t mean that you should stop caring about other people! It means that you should stop caring about what they THINK of you.

I wish you All a great day.





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What I have realized in the past few months, since all this self-transformational process started is, that I love to meet new people, to learn something new every day. It is interesting to see how things became different, good different, when you step out from your comfort zone, or at least you try. Meeting new people, open the doors to new opportunities, and if you have the faith and the desire to make your dreams come true, everything is working in a strange way to take you one step closer to your goal every day.

In the past few months, weeks and days I have meet some wonderful people, from different backgrounds, all of them having their own dreams, their own fights, with his own struggles. But what the most beautiful is, that each and every person I meet, won’t stop fighting, they are willing to learn, to develop themselves to become better and better every day.

You as well my dear Friend, please, go out, socialize, try hard to build a strong network around you and your ideas. Maybe not everybody will like you, but that is all right. You weren’t born to please everybody. As I have learned the other day, be opened to feedbacks. Be honest with yourself. Stay strong and focused on your goal.

When you are driving a car, you focus on the road ahead you, right? You focus on traffic, on traffic lights, the other cars around you, and you don’t turn your head here and there to see the light of the shops, or to notice that strange person at the corner of a street. Do the same with your dream: focus on it, focus on your goals, and keep going toward it. Sometime you might be distracted by certain happenings around you, but remember to turn your focus back on the road, on the goal, as this is how you will be able to reach the ultimate goal. You never know when and how the life-changing opportunity will knock at your door. Then be ready, be opened to that opportunity, make good use of all the useful things what you have learned along the way.

Read a lot, as knowledge is power, talk to people, share ideas, listen to other opinions, see the other person’s point of view, improve yourself every day, meet new people, as everyone steps in your life with a reason, train your mind every day, feeding it with new information. Remember, your mind is a muscle, and with training, healthy life and good vibes, it will be fitter and fitter every day, functioning better every day, giving you new, innovative and useful ideas to be used in your road to success, in your journey toward your dream.

Love, Cristina


This is for you if you are a dreamer 🙂

This is for you if you wish to make your dreams come true.

This is for you if you have the desire to succeed, if you have the faith and believe in yourself.

I designed this motivational video with the help of my friend Camelia and the co-operation of my daughter, Maya. I thank them for the help and I am very grateful.

What have You done today in order to follow your Dream?

Be grateful for what you have, be grateful for any help for any little thing in your life, what gives you joy, happiness and motivation.

Remember: we are all unique, we are all beautiful just the way we are. And although we have all different thoughts, we have different point of views, we are All fighters.

Believe in yourself, there is no such thing as too big dreams, there is no such thing as “impossible”. There is procrastination, excuses and limiting beliefs. Impossible means I’m possible.

Dare to be you, dare to follow your dreams, dare to be unique, dare to step out from your comfort zone. Find your inner peace, find your motivation, find the power that will make you to keep going, keep fighting and to never give up.

Believe in yourself, dream big and you will succeed.