Every day is a miracle

I woke up unusually early this morning. Feeling happy and alive. That’s an amazing feeling. My heart sings and I feel that I am capable to achieve anything.

I feel extremely Grateful for this another beautiful day that has been given to me. Grateful for everything I have, for everybody who is in my life and for everything what is happening around me every day. Grateful for everything what is yet to come in My life.

I know, I feel deep down in my heart that today is somehow special. That today something wonderful is going to happen, that it will be a great and fulfilling day.

I can give to others, I can learn from others , I feel that I am ready for whatever it may come in my way. Have you ever had the feeling that you are special? You are amazing? And whatever you do, whatever you say, the action what you take is meant to help others, teach others and through this, makes you to grow and become happier, be more and be better?

Today is going to be a wonderful day. EMBRASSE today with calm in your heart and happiness. We all meant to be happy, we all deserve not just as “ok” life, but a great, fulfilled life. A life full of joy and miracles.

May your day be full of miracles and blessings as well. My one is going to be wonderful today, no matter what the outcome of the day will be.

Love , Cristina

The right thing

Happy Tuesday everyone !

I wish you a great and productive day.
Monday was a very strange day for me. How was yours?

I’ve realized one thing yesterday: pursuing my dream and doing “whatever” it takes might be tricky sometimes. I have realised that the “whatever it takes” has a different meaning to me than to others. Whatever is takes, but in my terms, with what I feel right and in my conditions. But when it’s about doing something which is way out of who I am , what I don’t feel right, then I just simply let it go, turn around and start over again.
How do you feel about it? I have realised that maybe it is a sign that I should change direction. I’ve realized that maybe it’s the wrong way how I approached one situation. So I reconsidered . And today I’ll start over again, I will do the “Whatever it takes” but in my terms.
Because I think that no matter what you do, what you say and what actions you decide to take in pursuing your dream, you have to feel in your heart that what you are doing is right. If you don’t feel that, then change the way of doing it, start over again, with the lesson what you have learned , stronger and wiser. But never give up. There is always a way.

Love, Cristina

Find your purpose

Maybe you already know what you want from life, maybe you didn’t figured it out yet. That’s ok. We are all different in different stages of our lives and our personal development. And that’s all right too.

What I’ve learned and I’ve realized is the fact that as I help more people to get what they want, to find their motivation, find the idea, find the reason why and to find a way , the more is coming back to me. And that’s amazing. It makes me walk all day with a stupid smile on my face and happiness in my heart.

I found my purpose in life and now I’m absolutely positive that all I want to do is to teach people how to do better, how to be better. I had no one to tell me what self development means, I had no one to tell me that I can create the life I wanted for myself, I had no one to teach me how to be successful. But I am the lucky one, who had the willpower, the motivation, the reason “why” and I’ve changed the way I was thinking a while ago,change the way I was doing things and I’ve changed the way how I react to certain situations. My purpose is to show other people that it is possible to reach your goals, it is possible to live a happy life. All you need is faith, self confidence and motivation.

Did you find your purpose? Your motivation? The reason why you want to be better, do better?

In my writing I do my best possible to motivate people, to push them forward, help them to see that it is possible, if one is willing to.

And by the person who you will become along the way, you will attract success , you will attract the right people and the right opportunities In Your life.

I am extremely grateful for every person in my life, for every situation I have faced , as it taught me and showed me that I am strong and I can succeed, no matter what. Because I found my purpose, my motivation and my inner peace.

Love, Cristina

Find your reason “why”

Do you feel lost? Don’t you know where to start? Find your motivation, find the one, strong reason ‘why’ you want to be better, do better every day. When you know in your heart and your soul that your reason is strong, you will always find a way. You will work harder, focus on the goal and go on, no matter what. There will be no such thing as “I can’t do it”, there will be no “it’s too hard” , there will be no failure just another lesson how to do it right and better next time. When you have the reason “why” you will be unstoppable. Be grateful and look forward with faith and if you change, things will change. Just never give up. Always stand up and fight, no matter what. Because when you have a good and strong reason, you will have the strength too. I wish you all a lovely day.

Love, Krisztina

Happy today !

I’m so happy today. Actually, I’m happy most of the days, but today is somehow special. I feel deep down in my heart that something big, something wonderful is yet to come. I wish you the same, my friend who are reading my lines now, to feel the same now, or maybe one day. When you know that your dreams are about to come true, when all the hard work is paying off. When you know that you helped so many people so far to find their way in Life, to find a purpose and in the meantime you find yours. I am grateful for every obstacle and difficulty that come in my way , because it made me stronger, more determined. It made me the woman I am today. A happy, fulfilled person who can feel the butterflies in my stomach. I wish you feel the same..



Are you ready?

Are you ready to change your life? Are you ready to live the life what you always wanted? Get up every morning with gratitude in your heart, be thankful for another day what had been given to you and make the decision. The decision to fight for your dreams, to follow your dreams even if you are standing alone. Have faith and you will succeed. Never let anyone to tell you that is not possible, the best day to start following your heart is today. The best time is NOW. Don’t waste your time living in the past, thinking about the “why” you can’t. Of course you can. It’s only on you. It is your decision to live an “ok” life or a “great” life. We all deserve a great life. And you can have a great life. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to wait with your arms crossed for miracles to happen in your life. You have to make a change, you have to take action. A small step every day. Every small step what you make will take you closer to your dream. And for change to happen, you have to change. Get rid of old, limiting beliefs and build new, empowering beliefs. And as you change, your life will change. But never give up, chose to fight for your dreams.

Love, Krisztina

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