Many books have been written by many exceptional motivational speakers about self development and self help.

And I do believe that my book will change your life.

You will see that we have similarities in our lives and I believe that we can be stronger, more powerful and successful together. I am still at the beginning and still learning how to be more successful, happier and healthier. Despite this, I thought that I would share with you what I have achieved thus far and hopefully I will motivate and encourage you to do the same.

I wrote this book because I know how it feels to be at a place in your life where you don’t understand how to make things right or even if you know you can do better, you don’t have the ability to trust yourself and make a change.

I wrote this book for people like me, who can achieve everything they wish for, just by believing in yourself.

I’m not telling you to do the same, we are all different, but maybe you can learn from my mistakes, my failures and my successes and also move forward towards your dreams.

The book will talk about my failures, my fears and struggles, how I overcome them, about how the power of thoughts, the power of mind and the power of habits to change your life. It’s all about the lifestyle you have, your thoughts, your self-esteem, and I really hope that after you read my book, you will be more confident, and have the courage to follow your dreams.

You will change your way of thinking, your habits and your relationship with people and money. People will judge you whether you do good or bad. There is always someone who will dislike you. You can’t please everyone.

People will judge what they want to see, from their perspective, not what who you truly are.

Love, Krisztina

What keeps you going on?

Maya and Marius

Many time I said, that you need to find your motivation, you need to find the reason “why” you want to be successful, you have to have a vision and a clear goal of where you want to be in life. Many time I said that you have to believe in yourself and to have courage, to be grateful for what you have and you will end up by getting more of this.

But this time, let me ask you a question.

What motivates you? Did you find your reason “why”?

For me is LOVE. Love for my husband and my daughter, that’s what keeps me going on and on, that is what keeps me on track and makes me focus on my goals. Love, one of the strongest human emotions, is what keeps me strong, even when sometimes it seems to be difficult to get through on a certain unwanted, unexpected or difficult situation. I know my goal, I can see clearly where I want to be and what is the life I wish for my loved ones and for myself. Love keeps me to focus on my goals and gives me the courage to be braver than I thought I can be. Love and the desire to give them the best of me, the best what I can in order to make them happy. Of course, it had been said that happiness comes from inside. That is perfectly true. I am one of the luckiest people in the world, happy to have them around me, happy to have them in my life. I chose to be happy every day. I know that if I am happy, everyone around me is happy. They are my motivation, they give me the power to get up, stand up and show myself and never give up.

What is your motivation?

Find your reason “why” and then you will find a way too. There is always a way, because when you know exactly why you want to change, opportunities will come around and everything will work out.

If you would like to know more about me, how I have changed my mentality, how I became the person who I am today, I have a surprise for you. 🙂 I have been thinking a lot about this, and I have finally decided to show myself to the world. Soon, I am  going to launch a book, where I will tell you my story, how I became from a lost and rebel girl into the person who I am today: grateful, happy and having a business on my own. You will find how Love kept me going along the way, with many ups and down, in the beginning mainly downs, and how I have been able to stand up many times and keep going.

I am grateful for everything what happened to me in the past 20 years. I am super excited and little bit nervous (I think it is ok you feel this way too) thinking that I will put my life in your hands. And when the time comes and you decide that you want to know more about me and you decide to read my book, you will find out that in some point, you can identify with my story and you will find the strengths to go on, to change the mentality and your beliefs and if you didn’t find it yet, you will be finally able to find your reason “why” too.

And remember that real happy endings come after a story with lots of ups and downs. When your reason to follow your dreams, to stand up and keep fighting to reach your goals is love, you will find the motivation, the strengths and the inspiration too. The love for my man and for my daughter gives me the wings what I need to fly and the fuel to follow my dreams.

Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday,

Love, Krisztina

Dare to be YOU

be you

“Be amongst the few who DARE to follow their dreams.”

That’s sometimes hard, because we live in a society where the old beliefs and social norms are limiting us, the expectations are to be “how you have to be”. Especially we, women`s are afraid to show the way we really are and how we feel truly feel inside, because we are affraid that we will be judged.

Everybody expects you to be a good daughter, a good mother and wife, and few people care about what YOU really want, who you really want to be. You are afraid to follow your dreams, because of what others will think, what others will say about you. Therefore, what I am trying to say here is: you can be a good a daughter, a good mother and a good wife, you can be a good friend and a great support to your family and to all those around you, BUT in order for YOU to be happy, you have to dare to be yourself too. Expose yourself, go out there, show yourself, dare to be different, dare to be You, dare to follow your own dreams.

Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams, follow your passion, as if you feel good, you are happy, you shine, everyone around you will shine with you.

Everyone is unique, every one of us has a special talent, something what you are good at, something that you like to do and makes you feel happy. Dare to express yourself, dare to show yourself to the word.

Of course, not everyone will like you, as we have different wants and needs, different opinions, there will always be someone who will judge you or dislike you, no matter what you do. But this is there problem, not yours. You weren`t born to please everyone. Do what you like, show it to the world, and if it will be good for you, it will be good for those around you, it will be good for those who matter to you. Surround yourself with like-minded people, positive thinking people, who will lift you up and support you along the way and for your own good, for your own peace of mind, get rid of negative people who are around you and always pull you down.

Because if you have the courage to show yourself, who you truly are, then you can say that you are successful, happy and you will shine.

Dare to be yourself, dare to follow your dreams. It will be easy? Probably not, because you will face a lot of critiques and that look in people`s eyes saying `are you crazy?` But you know what? That’s all right. Let them talk. You just stand up, get up, put on your lipstick and show yourself to the world. Shine. Dare to be yourself. And the rest will follow. Remember: happiness is a state of mind, so chose to be happy. Dare to follow your dreams, because if there is a vison, there is clarity in your goals and what you truly want, there will always be a way to reach it, too.

Believe that you can and you are halfway there, as nothing is impossible.

Love, Krisztina

We are what we THINK

We are what we THINK.

Just think about it for a moment: everything in the world begins with a thought, an idea in someone’s mind, we create our own world, our own reality. As a consequence we have to think, talk and act with a pure mind, as Buddha said once.

There is an old story about two wolfs , maybe you know it. Which one is stronger ? The one we feed, right ? If you plant negative thoughts, those thoughts will rule your life as they are strong. But if you feed your mind with positive thoughts, undoubtedly positive things will happen to you and your life will change, as you feed the right wolf.

Just think for a moment: if you constantly think on how miserable your life is, that you hate your job and your boss, that you lack money, health and happiness, you will attract more of it.

And if you recognize that through your thoughts you CREATE your reality, change them. Change them into positive thoughts, positive words and actions. Always say positive things, good things and undoubtedly, by the universal law of attraction you will attract more of it.

As where focus goes, energy flows. We are nothing but pure energy.

We, humans are the only living being on this planet who are able to change the world around us, to change our destiny, through our thoughts and our actions.

On that moment when you realise that the most powerful tool what you have are your THOUGHTS, you CAN change your world and you can change the world around you.

And here are the words, quoted by many well-known personalities during the history, reflect on them on this beautiful Saturday morning, and act or RE-ACT accordingly . Your life will change.

“Watch your THOUGHTS,

For they become WORDS.

Watch your WORDS,

For they become ACTIONS.

Watch your ACTIONS,

For they become HABITS .

Watch your HABITS,

For they become CHARACTER.

Watch your CHARACTER,

For it becomes your DESTINY. ”

Love, Krisztina

How to take that first step

For the past years there have been things that stopped me from doing what I really want. I’ve struggled to overcome fear of failure, I’ve struggled with money and I was constantly thinking about what other people will think of me if I let my voice to be heard.

But then I realised that is not my business what others think of me, I am the creator of my own life, my own happiness and success .

Here are some basic steps I followed and I recommend for you as well if you’d like to change your life. Start following your dreams and build the life what you have always wanted:

1. Surround yourself with positive minded people, who will lift you up and from whom you can learn 💥

2. No matter how good or bad you are, no matter what you do, people will judge you anyway. They will see what they want to see from their perspective. Therefore, what other people think of you , is non of your business 😉😉

3. Continuously develop yourself, invest in yourself, develop new skills and abilities. Be an expert in your field, learn from the best 💥

4. For success to happen it will take time. You won’t be rich and successful overnight. But you can’t just wait for success to happen. Set up your goals clearly, make a plan and take action every day 🌟💥

5. Learn something new, try something new every day 💥

6. Don’t be afraid of failure. There is no such thing as failure. There are valuable lessons what you can apply when you try next time 💥

7. Be you, never give up, as nothing is impossible. We all deserve to be happy, healthy and wealthy 💥

8. Ask, believe and be prepared to receive 🙏🙏🙏

Love, Krisztina ❤

Dream + action = reality

If you have a dream, you want to change your life, than don’t be lazy, do something for it. Wake up every morning determined , motivated and grateful, make a plan ahead and the most important: take action. A dream without action will only remain a dream. Don’t wait with your arms crossed for something to happen, get up, stand up and go for it.

If you procrastinate, if you expect others to help you, if you are afraid to write that email, send that letter or make that phone call what might change your life, nothing will change. You will be on the same place, not moving forward.

Make a plan ahead, an action plan. Have a vision, imagine that you already accomplished your goal. Imagine how would you feel, how your life will look like. Nowadays, we have all the necessary tools in front of us to put the plan in action. Be clear on your goal and undoubtly, ideas and opportunities on how to get there will arrive. Don’t wait for things just to happen in your life. Take action, learn, develop yourself. Research and move forward constantly. Take your plan and start brake it down in small steps, small tasks to accomplish each and every day. If you put your plan in action, soon you will find that you are closer to your dream. One step closer every day. Be bold, be motivated, have faith and be grateful. Move, constantly move forward. If something doesn’t work out from the first try, that’s all right. It’s not a failure, it’s a valuable lesson. Give to others and you will receive back. Serve othrs and you will be happy, rich and satisfied. One step closer to your dream every day.

You can make your dream a realty by taking action.

What is that one thing what you can do and you will do today? Do it now.

Love , Krisztina