Be PROUD of yourself


Hello my dear Friend, you who is reading my lines.

I welcome you again in my world, in this Wednesday morning. I woke up unusually early today. It was something what I needed to put on paper urgently. The other day I had my graduation ceremony. It was amazing, it was one of the best days of my life. But that’s not the reason I woke up early and not the story I want to tell now.

What I want to write about is the “feeling”.  The feeling that comes from inside you, from the bottom of your heart, you can feel it deep down on your stomach, going up on your throat, make your mouth shake and that liquid called “tears” come into your eyes. Because the feeling is soooo strong, you can’t keep it inside. It is called “proud”. I had this feeling many times in the past few months. How many things had changed in a few years only? Wow… it is just amazing. I am proud of my daughter, of her small and big achievements, I am proud of my partner, for trying so hard, and I am proud of many many people around me: my sister, my friends.

And you know what? I am proud of myself. And today I can say it out loud, without feeling guilty, without feeling ashamed, without having to give too much explanations. I have learned in a very short period of time that everything I have done so far is worth to be proud of.

And You my dear Friend: please, be proud of yourself. Be proud for every little or small thing that you have achieved, there is no such thing as “too small”, be proud that you have a dream, be proud of yourself. You are unique, you have your own path. So please, be proud of yourself. It will make you stronger, gives you inner strengths, gives you power. See the greatness of the life, see the beauty in every day, acknowledge your hard work, be proud of yourself because you try, because you sometimes may fail and have the power to stand up again, be proud because you have courage, because you dare to be you, you dare to follow your dreams, be proud because despite the odds you are able to make it, be proud of yourself for taking a small step every day, be proud my dear friend.

Congratulate and celebrate yourself from time to time. You deserve it. Because you are trying so hard, because you will succeed or you are already there.

So, let’s take this Wednesday and celebrate, congratulate ourselves. Because we deserve it, because we are one of a kind, because we have the control over our lives, because we make mistakes sometimes and we fix them, because we are imperfect and that is what makes us to be unique, because we are worthy of living the best possible life.

I wish you an extraordinary day, when you treat yourself and you are proud of yourself. Feel it, live it, breathe it and expand it. Will give you strengths.

Love, Cristina






Have you ever felt that is very hard to keep your faith? The faith that you will succeed, that everything is going to be better soon? It happens to me sometimes. I am only a human, and sometimes I want the “receive” part of the story to happen fast, right now and right tomorrow. And when things are delayed from some reasons, unknown for me, I became inpatient, and when many days goes by and nothing really happen, I have the strange feeling that I am losing my faith.

However, you know what? “Nothing really happens” is not quite exact. Because every day something happens. There is something good, there is something nice in every day. Sometimes I walk with my eyes closed…this are the days when I can’t see the beauty, when I can’t see the opportunity, when I feel lost and  when I feel that I am losing my faith. But there are many other days, when I walk with an open heart and my eyes wide open, and these are the days, when I realize what I have lost when I walked around with closed eyes.

Strange enough this things: as I train my mind to think different, to see the world with a different eye, to be calm and avoid negativity, when meditation and the company of calm, relaxed people make me feel good, “losing my faith” days are more and more rare. They disappear slowly. However, sometimes I still have this kind of days. Or, nowadays, maybe just hours. But then I regain my balance. Regaining balance it comes much easier now than a while ago.

A while ago, I walked around faithless. I didn’t believed. I didn’t believed in myself, I didn’t believe in my intuition, I didn’t believe those who were already there. And then, slowly, as I have changed my way of thinking, this things seemed to change as well. I started to believe in myself. I started to have faith that something good will happen to me as well, I started to KNOW that I am worthy, I started to feel powerful. And when tiny miracles started to happen, my faith started to strengthen. Growing bigger and bigger. It is extraordinary.

The English dictionary defines faith as: “the complete trust or confidence in someone or something.” And gives synonyms such as: trust, belief and confidence.

For me “faith” is not related to a “religion”. My religion is in my heart and in my mind, I KNOW that there is “something” or “someone” bigger than I am, and my faith is stronger every day. And what is the result of having faith? An open heart, an open mind, a clear vision, a different view of the world and of myself.

One thing is for sure: after being many years “faithless” and walking around like a fool, now that I have find my own belief it will be hard for anyone to take it away from me. Is the faith in myself, in my inner power, in my intuition, the faith in the Universe, the faith in good and the faith in the peace of mind.

Try to find your “faith”, believe in yourself, walk in this world with an open eye and open heart, and you will see that miracles DO happen and dreams DO come true. And if you ever feel that you are losing your faith, like me sometimes, just remember how were those days when you have been “faithless”, I know you don’t want to be there again.

So, just keep the faith, go on walking on your path and follow your dream 🙂

Love, Cristina




A while ago I was talking about asking for what you want, have a clear vision of what you want to achieve and who you want to be, I was talking about believing in yourself, believe that you can have it, and everything will happen in a certain way, for you to receive what you want.

Today I only talk about the receiving part of the story. Because, the truth is, and my experience is, that you will always receive what you have been asking for, but maybe not exactly on the same form as you expected to. Receiving may come in many ways and forms. It might be an idea, a person or certain circumstances what will help you to reach the ultimate goal. Therefore, your “job” is to recognize the signs, to recognize the opportunity, and grab it, because it came to you in the form of an idea, a person who entered in your life, an opportunity. This is what you have received as a result of asking and believing, but be alert and recognize the signs that have been given to you.

However, many people after the asking and believing part, are expecting the “miracle” to happen. But I think, that the miracle is there every day. There is the miracle of life, the miracle of waking up in the morning, many people are not as lucky as you are, the miracle of having eyes to see and ears to hear, many don’t have the chance to see what you see. Receiving doesn’t mean crossing your arms after prayer and waiting the dream life to fall into your lap. Receiving means walking with an open heart and open eyes, to recognize the unlimited possibilities what have been given to you as a result of your asking and believing.

Working on yourself, on your spirituality, on your relationships, on your expectations and on your dreams, will bring you the desired results. But be aware of everything what is happening around you, be open-minded, think and live out the box, and this is where the opportunities are. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Even if you stand alone. Brilliant minds are always outstanding people. 🙂

And one more thing: don’t forget to smile. Smile to those who need it the more, smile to the sunshine, to the blooming spring flowers, smile in the mirror to yourself and give yourself the chance to recognize the beauty of life and the mysterious way how the “receiving” part is coming to you in various forms.

I wish you a beautiful day, full of opportunities and happiness.





Let me tell you something about myself. I have changed. In the past few months, many things have changed in me, in my mind, in the way how I see the world, how I see myself. Friends and everybody around me are asking the same question: “Are you ok? Is everything ok?” And you know what? The truth is, that I am better that I have ever been. I feel released, free, happy and finally myself.

A while ago I loved the crowd, to be in really noisy places, surrounded by many people, friends and strangers around me, I loved the vibration of the city, I felt good in a fast running environment.

Today, I don’t know how to escape as fast as I can from the crowded places, I am running away from noise and my ears are bothered by shouting voices and loud music.

A while ago, I talked a lot. I was a chatter box, continuously giving advices, loved to be in the centre of attention. That was me.

Today, I am bothered if someone talks too much, and all non-sense.

A while ago, I felt that I have to compete with everybody, I have to be the best and I have to win all the battles.

Today, I am extremely happy of my own accomplishments, without comparing myself with others.

A while ago I loved noisy places, today I love the quiet places, I love the sound of the silence as I can hear my inner voice finally.

A while ago I lived for my family, my friends, I would have done anything for their attention and love. Today, I live for myself, in my own peaceful world.

A while ago, I loved to be surrounded by many people, having a lot of friends and strangers around me. Today, I love the company of beautiful, unique people.

A while ago, a just walked on a road, following the crowd. Today, I am walking on my own path.

A while ago, I was waiting for the miracle to happen. Today I live the miracle of life every day.

So, dear friend, who is asking me: “How are you?”, I would like to let you know that I am perfectly fine. 🙂

Love, Krisztina

P.S. a couple of days ago, my sister sent me a text, posted on Facebook by a beautiful soul. I just loved it, therefore I have adapt it, I rewrote a little bit on my taste and here I post it. Whoever wrote the original post, I really thanks you for sharing it and hopefully you won`t mind if I re/wrote it and share it to the world again, as my feelings exactly have been described. I am grateful for this and I thank you.




Good day to All,

The other day I came across this mantra, a beautiful, powerful mantra what you can use to strengthen your inner power and here I share it with you:

Ajai Alai – Invincible, Indestructible

Abhai Abai – Fearless, Unchanging

Abhoo Ajoo – Unformed, Unborn

Anaas Akaas – Imperishable, Etheric

Aganj Abhanj – Unbreakable, Impenetrable

Alakh Abhakh – Unseen, Unaffected

Akaal Dy-aal – Undying, Merciful

Alaykh Abhaykh – Indescribable, Uncostumed

Anaam Akaam – Nameless, Desireless

Agaah Ataah – Unfathomable, Incorruptible

Anaathae Pramaathae – Unmastered, Destroyer

Ajonee Amonee – Beyond birth, Beyond silence

Na Raagay Na Rangay – Beyond love, Beyond colour

Na Roopay Na Raykhay – Beyond form, Beyond shape

Akarmang Abharmang – Beyond karma, Beyond doubt

Aganjae Alaykhae – Unconquerable, Indescribable


Love, Krisztina


dont quit


Tuesday morning. Sunny and nice weather in London. Although, a little bit chilly 🙂

I have decided to take a day off today. What is pretty strange, as in the past few months I had no idea what a day off is. Actually, whenever I take a “day off” ended with me working from home. Maybe I am not consistent. I don’t know. Yes, I have “me minutes” or maybe, if I am lucky enough that “me hours”, but a whole “me day”…well..not really.

I am going forward and forward, and apply all those smart stuff what I know I have to apply. But my brain, seems like doesn’t really want to cooperate. When I learn one thing, I start to apply and I am pretty proud of myself, then another thing is coming up, and the “now what” question pops up. It’s never ending. That is ok, I know that. But my brain, my mind, sometimes goes here and there, distracting me. Continuously.

I am the type of person, who want all and I want it now. Funny, no? Being patient, waiting for the results to come, that is the toughest part of all. Train myself to be patient, that’s a challenge. A huge one. Enormous one. Then, get rid of all negative vibes, all negative people from my life. That’s a hard one too. I am trying hard to ignore, to avoid, but it looks like no matter I do, they keep coming back like a boomerang. I attract them, probably. Maybe. Definitely, if I think about the law of attraction.

Can someone explain me, how comes, that negative things happen faster than positive, negative people goes harder than that positive ones come, positive results come harder than the disappointing, not really good ones?

I do have the wish, the desire, I can see it in front of my eyes, I can feel it in every cell of my body. I know exactly how it will be. I know exactly how it looks like. I practice every day, I reached that point when even when I just think about it, I get very excited and feel the butterflies. But there is always a “but” and a “how” in my mind. From where it comes? How can I get rid of it? And when? How can I have a “day off” when all this thing cross my mind? Don’t get me wrong. It’s not about giving up. I will never give up. I have never give up. It is that burning curiosity, that feeling of ‘I want to know the answer”. Yes, I know that. I can fall sometimes, that’s ok. I learned to handle situations, look the other side of the story. Still, there is the question.

I am not an ignorant. I consider myself a quick learner. Oh, yes. I learn fast. I have a diploma in life coaching, I study psychology. “I know” everything in my conscious mind, what and how should I do. But can someone tell me, how can I make my dream to be my reality? How to stay positive all the time? How to keep the positive state of mind?

I talked in my writings earlier, about believing in yourself, be positive and never give up. I told you that’s a tough one, in the beginning. I am at the beginning. For me is difficult as well sometimes. It is a continuous battle with myself. My conscious and my unconscious mind. My habits, my beliefs, my environment, my friends, my family, everything. That’s a lot to carry. Now I can see that what I am asking from you to do, it is difficult for me as well sometimes. I will find the answer to my questions. Sooner or later.  I am a curious type of person. I want to help myself, and through this, to help others. But be aware, if you are staying with me, it will be a bumpy journey. But you know what? All that matters is the peace of your mind, the final destination, the things what we can learn together along the way. The ups and downs.

Maintaining a positive state of mind it’s easier when you have money. 🙂 so, I want my first million. And I want it now 🙂

I wish you all a sunny day.





I have decided to change my life. I realized that many of my actions and my thoughts were not the right ones, attracting all negative things in my life. I was struggling to learn to think differently, to think positive. It was a hard period, as I had many limiting beliefs what I have been carried with me for many years. Some of them from the day when I was born, some of them from my childhood and some of them from my teenager years. I found that some memories are not even mine, belongs to someone else. Making a deep cleaning in my mind, between my thoughts I found to be a tough one.

We all have this limiting beliefs, what we carry with us. For me it is a real battle to change the way I think, I feel, I behave.  It is very difficult to get rid of past negative experiences, it is a hard work on myself. But I know exactly who I don’t want to be, therefore I do my best to be the person who I want to be.

But from time to time, I fall again. I fall back, but I stand up. Again and again. As I have promised to myself. Just make a promise to yourself and then keep it. No matter what. Be true to yourself. This is what I am trying to do.  Sometimes it takes me a couple of days. Sometimes it is a matter of hours or minutes. But I know that when I am determined I can succeed. I won’t allow to myself to go back there from where I left.

I am strong and even when sometimes I face difficulties, I try to fight. There is a battle between my conscious and subconscious mind. It is like a training. When you are preparing for the Olympics. Sometimes I lost a battle, but I will never give up. I‘ll try again and again. Taking it as a lesson. Finally I will win.

I realized that I have to give time to myself to heal. The wound will be there, forever. But I won’t allow myself to not to fight. Eliminate all negativity takes time and courage. Courage to change, courage to say no, courage to listen to my intuition, courage to defend negative people, solve and close down problems from the past. Looking on the problem not as a problem, but as a challenge. I decided not to carry the past with me anymore. But on the same time, I need to sort out things first from the past. It is holding me back for a while. But I have to do it. I have to do it, in order to move on.

And working on myself is the biggest challenge of my life. Changing the way I feel, the way I think. Learning to have “me” time, learning to love myself, learning to dare, without fear. I have nothing to lose, but myself. And I don’t want to lose myself again.

And I go on. Because when I think on what I want to be, who I want to be and what I have to give from now on to other, gives me a feeling of peace and excitement on the same time. It gives me a feeling of happiness. I have taste it and I have to keep it. Therefore, I will do my best to learn to stay focused. Happiness is a choice, one’s said. Agree. I chose to be happy. I chose to be free and to do what I love. To do what gives me peace. If this is success, then I am already successful. Winning the battle with myself is a success. I am a successful person. Need to learn to not to be afraid of success. Another limiting belief. Within myself. This is the period when I work on this. I have recognize it. And I will change it.

When I have decided to change my life and to live the life what I always wanted, I thought it is going to be easy. Well, it is not. Because I have to work hard. Not physically hard work but mentally. However, sometimes it manifests as a physical pain. In my head, in my back and shoulder, in every cell of my body, in my muscles. Yes, that’s the fight.

I have reached the point when I believe in myself more than ever. And even if I fall sometimes, like nowadays, I will always find the strengths to get up and fight and go on. I have the motivation, I have been up and down, I have people around me who are doing their best to help me, but on the same time I have to help myself. Taking the decision it was the hardest. But I have faith, I believe in myself and after making small steps and realizing that it actually works, I will never give up again. I will not give up on myself.

That’s the secret: believe in yourself, believe in your ability to win, believe in your ability to change, believe in your dreams. Always.