Title: How to create an extraordinary life by training your mind to success

Motivational workshop

Description of the event:

A practical self-development workshop where you can learn what are the first steps that you can take to improve your circumstances and the quality of your life. You will learn valuable tips on how to become a positive thinker and how you can listen to the most important person in your life: You.

What you will learn at these three hours workshop:

• I will share my experiences with you about how I was able to change my life in a very short time into the life that I can call happy and meaningful.

• We will discuss topics like self-love and self-confidence; what exactly these means and how you can turn them “On”.

• How to set your goals, how to find the right motivation, the reason why you want to change.

• We will look at practical tools such as your personal SWOT, the wheel of life and how to use it.

• How to beat procrastination and follow the plan

This workshop is designed for women and men who would like to move forward in their lives and to make a positive change in their mindset, who would like to take massive action in following their dreams by using the practical knowledge and skills in their everyday lives.

The day will be easy-going, interactive and fun with an incredibly positive impact.

How will you feel after workshop:

• More optimistic and positive

• Improved self-image

• More motivated and ready to start

• Determined

• Energised

We will focus on you and break through your limitations and the most important to create the bases for your extraordinary life.

By attending the event you will get a complimentary free workbook with valuable tools for your personal development and a free, signed copy of the book “RE-ACT and change your life”.

We are very excited and looking forward to seeing you on the 16th of April 2020 at Holiday Inn London Kensington Forum.

Location: 97 Cromwell Road, Kensington, London, SW7 4DN

Much love,


Title: RE-ACT and change your life

Book launch & exhibition & motivational event

Description of the event:

The big question is: what are you focusing on? What are your challenges? What holds you back? Do you know that without a plan and without taking action, a dream will only be a dream?

At this inspirational, motivational evening you will have the occasion to meet the author of the book Re-Act and change your life, a simple girl, who believed and still believe in herself and in her dreams, who became in a very short time from a stranger in her own life, an author, blogger, entrepreneur, mum and wife.

You will have the possibility to meet along Krisztina amazing artists, who also believe in the beauty of their dreams, that nothing is impossible if we believe in ourselves, the healing power of any form of art, let it be drawing, painting, writing, dancing, singing.

The event is a book launch & exhibition & motivational evening, where we would like to give the best of ourselves to the audience, to inspire and motivate all those who will join us on the event, to give them the opportunity to talk to people who already made it, even through hard times.

The purpose is to make people understand that in order to succeed you have to step out from your comfort zone, do something what you have never done before, start and try something new, change your old limiting beliefs into new empowering beliefs.

Tickets can be purchased for free on the following link:

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Title: The Power Within You

Motivational event


Now, here is the thing: you only live once in this Planet, and you live now. Why don’t you just try and make the best out of it? 🙂

Everything what you experience comes from within you. Joy, happiness, sorrow. Everything comes from inside. Have you ever experienced something outside you? Coming from the external environment? I will be very surprised if you do. Everything you feel, everything what happens to you, everything what is in your life, comes from within you. You have create it. One thing people don’t realize is, that we are the creators of our lives. No one else. As soon as you awake and you realize that you can create your life, as you want it to be, it will come to you. Inevitably. That’s a fact. A law. You are the creator of your own life.

Be grateful, be happy and feel joy. And by law, happiness and joy will
come into your life. Be grateful for every little thing, be grateful for
everything what you have right now and for everything that’ll come. You only
live once. Make the best out of it.

Join me on the 22nd of November if you feel that you’d like to change your life, we can learn from each other how to be better every day. 🙂

Much love,