Positive thinking

The thing is that for me positivity is more than smiling and looking joyful and happy. For me it means an overall perspective of life. Kendra Cherry says: “Positive thinking actually means approaching life’s challenges with a positive outlook. It does not necessarily mean avoiding or ignoring the bad things; instead, it involves making theContinue reading “Positive thinking”

You are good enough

Hello beautiful, I was thinking a lot in the past couple of days, I was reflecting and making decisions for myself, making decisions on how I will go on, who I want to be, who I want to serve and how can I serve the best possible way. And the question of self-worth arisen inContinue reading “You are good enough”

Are you a people-pleaser? Learn to say “NO”

The other day I had a beautiful coaching session with some of the most amazing ladies I have known, and we discussed self-love and about ways how to love yourself. The question of saying “NO” came up, and today I would like to go into this a little bit more. Many of us can defineContinue reading “Are you a people-pleaser? Learn to say “NO””

About procrastination

What came into my mind this morning is, that there are so many things what I would like to do, I know what I have to do, but still, for some reason, sometimes I find myself procrastinating. Has this ever happened to you? I tend to say things like: “I will do it later” orContinue reading “About procrastination”

Self-love Saturday :)

Good morning beautiful, I hope you all had a beautiful and productive week, with lots of goals reached and accomplishments. It is the weekend, and a surprisingly beautiful day again in London. I have a question for you: what are you going to do today for yourself? How will you show some love to yourselfContinue reading “Self-love Saturday :)”

Roller coaster

It’s been 3 weeks now in the lockdown, and another 3 are yet to come. I am at home, having the time to think and re-evaluate certain things in my life. Looking for solutions and growing spiritually. Learning to be more connected with my inner self, more connected with my heart. And the good thingsContinue reading “Roller coaster”

What do you want for yourself?

My purpose is to inspire you beautiful soul; to let you know, that no matter what happened in the past, no matter where you are at a certain point in your life, you can always do better, and be better every day. It is a matter of choice. Are you willing to choose to beContinue reading “What do you want for yourself?”

Finding yourself

“All wonders you seek are within yourself.” – Sir Thomas Browne Good morning beautiful, I was thinking a lot in the past couple of days. This lockdown is not such a bad thing, after all. It depends on you, on how you look at things. Every coin has two sides, right? Like success, the sayingContinue reading “Finding yourself”

I would love to interview you

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What we can learn now?

Hello everyone, hope you are all well, safe and healthy. In London, despite all odds, it is a beautiful spring, the sun is shining, and the wind is not that cold as usual, and I am really happy. How do You feel guys? Are you all ok? How do you cope with the fact thatContinue reading “What we can learn now?”

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