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Today is a special day to celebrate all the brave woman in the world, to celebrate their accomplishments and successes. 

The seeds of the international woman day were planted back in 1908 when 15,000 women in New York City marched, having the strength to ask for shorter working hours and better pay.

 In the past, the woman had limited rights or no rights at all in some parts of the world. They were not present in politics nor business life.

  But during the decades, women through bravery and determination, made their voices heard, they were fighting for their rights in a world ruled by man. 

In the 1980s they were programs designed to teach women how to be more confident, more visible and how to “act like a man” to succeed. It was the period when shoulder pads, high heels and loud voice was the trend.

Today, in 2020, we celebrate how far women get in society, politics and business. Today we are here to celebrate how wonderful and courageous you are. Together, being present in various sectors such as politics, business or education, women can build a better world. A world where a woman is equal to man, without discrimination. 

We have access to education, and this is one of our greatest power. 

An educated woman can make miracles, can change the world around her. 

And you ladies all around the world are doing this. 

You all dared to step out from your comfort zone and decided to live your own life, after your own rules and terms. You were all able to build up successful businesses and became role models for everyone around you. 

Imagine a world ruled by women. How wonderful would that be? Because we, woman, lead not just by numbers and figures, we are leading through emotions and feelings too. We are led by the heart. 

As Oprah Winfrey said: “you get in life, what you have the courage to ask for.”

And you ladies possessed the courage. 

Remember: you are brave. Every one of you has the courage of a lion. You are doing acts of courage and showing strength every day without even noticing because it comes naturally for you to feed your child or grandchild, whilst on the phone with your accountant. And this my ladies, takes courage. Courage to move forward, to take a step up. You only can live a balanced life when then yin and yang, the feminine and masculine are in balance. The world will be in perfect balance when the woman reaches their full potential and will be equal to man in every aspect of life. 

So, let’s celebrate this beautiful day and honour all the courageous ladies all around the world.

I wish you all to have the courage to listen to your inner voice and dare to follow your dreams.

Much love,


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