Change your life…my book re-published

I had ups and downs in my life many times. Well, mostly downs.Β  I had no idea where I am in life, at one point I had no idea even of who I AM. I drifted away, felt completely lost.  πŸ€” Do you feel the same sometimes? I know, I have been there too.  ButContinue reading “Change your life…my book re-published”

πŸ’« Comparing yourself to others πŸ’«

The funny thing is that whether you admit it or not, we tend to compare ourselves to others from time to time – some do this pretty often. If you want a perfect recipe for low self-confidence and unhappiness – you just found it. Comparing yourself to others is not useful at all. The otherContinue reading “πŸ’« Comparing yourself to others πŸ’«”

It is all about LOVE

Healing your life, your body, your mind, your soul, fixing toxic relationships, with yourself and others, loving yourself unapologetically and unconditionally, giving all your knowledge, heart and soul to inspire others – you only can do this if you know what LOVE is. Love is not a word or just a thought – love isContinue reading “It is all about LOVE”

Respect yourself

For being respected by others, first you have to learn respect yourself. ✨ Be what/who YOU want to be, rather than being what others want you to be. ✨ Surround yourself with people who encourage you. ✨ Practice daily gratitude and meditation ✨ Believe that you are worthy ✨ Know that you deserve to beContinue reading “Respect yourself”

Purpose comes first

Hello beautiful soul, Let me kick-off this Saturday afternoon with one question:  ✨ Do you know what your purpose is in this lifetime?  ✨ Did you figure out yet why you want the business/job/life that you want so badly? ✨ Did you know that there are three types of purposes, and for you to succeedContinue reading “Purpose comes first”

People who trust in you

I am amongst those who are lucky enough to be surrounded by people who sometimes have more trust in me than I have in myself. I am very grateful and feel blessed to have them in my life because when I am feeling blue (sometimes it happens), or not sure about my next step, theseContinue reading “People who trust in you”

Do you hold yourself accountable?

Hello beautiful souls, Let`s go a little bit deeper today and allow me to lovingly ask you the following question: Do you tend to blame others for your circumstances, for where are you at now in your life or are you brave enough to hold yourself accountable? Or you just simply do not know howContinue reading “Do you hold yourself accountable?”

Respect yourself first

✨ If you want others to respect you, first, show respect to yourself. Also, you cannot give to others what you don’t have inside you. Also, respect yourself enough to know, that you deserve the best. πŸ”₯ My 1:1 program is open NOW for registrations, if you would like to know more about it, dropContinue reading “Respect yourself first”

The answer is within you

For many years I have been looking for approval from others, searching for answers outside me, always asking the wrong questions and as a result, getting the wrong answers, and never getting the desired results. Are you this type of person? Are you looking for approval from others? Are you searching the right answer somewhereContinue reading “The answer is within you”

Resistance to change

For many years I have been looking for approval from outside, I focused more on what other people will say about me, and I always tried to change my environment, the things that were outside me. The results were not satisfying or not at all that I wanted to be. Until one day, when IContinue reading “Resistance to change”

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