LOVE, LIGHT, HEALING – Virtual retreat

LOVE, LIGHT, HEALING  2 days virtual retreat is designed especially for YOU, where throughout the 2 days you can learn more about love itself, where is the light hidden within you and how you can bring it to the surface and let it shine, and more importantly, you will learn about YOURSELF.  IT IS YOURContinue reading “LOVE, LIGHT, HEALING – Virtual retreat”

Change your life…my book re-published

I had ups and downs in my life many times. Well, mostly downs.  I had no idea where I am in life, at one point I had no idea even of who I AM. I drifted away, felt completely lost.  🤔 Do you feel the same sometimes? I know, I have been there too.  ButContinue reading “Change your life…my book re-published”

The secret to FREEDOM is COURAGE

What is courage? The dictionary defines the word as the ability to do something that frightens one, bravery. 💥 For me, courage means to reveal your true self to the world. 💥 Courage means to show up, being the real, authentic you, not someone who you are expected to be. 💥 Courage means to lookContinue reading “The secret to FREEDOM is COURAGE”

💫 Comparing yourself to others 💫

The funny thing is that whether you admit it or not, we tend to compare ourselves to others from time to time – some do this pretty often. If you want a perfect recipe for low self-confidence and unhappiness – you just found it. Comparing yourself to others is not useful at all. The otherContinue reading “💫 Comparing yourself to others 💫”

It is all about LOVE

Healing your life, your body, your mind, your soul, fixing toxic relationships, with yourself and others, loving yourself unapologetically and unconditionally, giving all your knowledge, heart and soul to inspire others – you only can do this if you know what LOVE is. Love is not a word or just a thought – love isContinue reading “It is all about LOVE”


Almost every choice that we make every day has its consequences, good or bad, in the future. You prefer to stay in the known, familiar environment, making decisions based on past experiences or you are curious, adventurous, and ready to explore the unknown? You are driven forward by your vision, pulled by the image ofContinue reading “CURRENT SELF VS. FUTURE SELF”

When YOU change, everything changes

💎 It might seem strange, but the truth is, “the body is the servant of the mind”. And if you feel like you want to argue with me, please don’t. This statement is not mine, Dr Joe Dispenza said that in his book “Breaking the habit of being yourself”, which by the way I loveContinue reading “When YOU change, everything changes”

The power of choice

Living your life, you make tons of unconscious choices daily: you chose what to wear, what to eat, what to drink, to whom you spend your time, what books to read. These are routine choices, made unconsciously and you don’t even think about them, you choose on “automatic” mode. And sometimes, you are in aContinue reading “The power of choice”


What is meditation? As defined by Dr Joe Dispenza, “meditation means to become familiar with”.  What exactly does this mean? Dr Dispenza explains that meditating means to become familiar with your thoughts, the behaviours and the emotions of your old self. My opinion is there is no right or wrong way to meditate. When youContinue reading “Meditation”

Respect yourself

For being respected by others, first you have to learn respect yourself. ✨ Be what/who YOU want to be, rather than being what others want you to be. ✨ Surround yourself with people who encourage you. ✨ Practice daily gratitude and meditation ✨ Believe that you are worthy ✨ Know that you deserve to beContinue reading “Respect yourself”

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