Trust your intuition

✨ How do you determine what is the next thing that needs to be done to get closer to your goal?

✨ Are you the type of person who is always looking for the approval of others?

✨ Do you listen to what other people tell you to do? Or not to do? Telling you that you are not ready, you don’t have the skills or x, y or z tried it but they couldn’t make it?

✨ Do you take actions based on what others will think of you?

✨ Do you tend to play “safe” because that’s in your comfort zone?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, here is the thing: LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION. All that you desire, all the answers you seek are already within you.

Listen to your inner voice, trust yourself, and you will see the best results in a short time.

Your success, in all areas of your life, is highly influenced by the way how you love yourself, respect and honour yourself. 

✨✨✨  My six weeks intensive F.L.Y program opens in September. Let me know if you are interested in working with me.  

Your new life is only one email away.

Until then, I wish you to have the courage to listen to your inner voice and love yourself unapologetically and unconditionally. F.L.Y, first love yourself.

Much love,


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Mind, body and spirit connection

When you live your life in depression, stress, worry and anxiety for years, for your body and your mind is very difficult to recognize or accept the emotion of happiness, because it feels different, unusual.

When I decided to change my life, to be free of stress, worry, anxiety and their partners, when I decided it is the time to unapologetically and unconditionally love myself, then the hardest part began. It was resistance for change, especially in my body. Whenever my mind said: “Be happy, enjoy the moment, relax”, my body replied: “No, no, that is new, unknown, you do not need the unknown, the unexpected. Just stay where you are, in your comfort zone. That is safe”.

Sometimes, when I tried to break the old beliefs and habits, there was a physical pain in my body, as a result of resistance: headache, stomachache, dizziness.

✨ Do you ever have these sensations?

The good news is that love and happiness always win. It might not be easy sometimes, and it requires

✨ The decision to change

✨ The decision to be free, happy

✨ The decision to fully commit to yourself

✨ Determination

There were times when I almost gave up, saying: it might work for others, but for me, it is not working. The law of attraction might be for others, and I am not part of it; loving myself: how do I do that? And all kind of similar questions.

But I did it. I am so proud of myself for making the change, replacing the old beliefs which were part of my upbringing and my limited knowledge, with new, empowering beliefs.

I am who I am.

Still needs loads of work, there is always something new that needs to be experienced and learned, but I am proud of myself and proud of the person of who I am today.

✨ Are you ready to embrace happiness, freedom and self-love in your life?

✨ Are you willing to change?

✨ Are you ready to fully commit to yourself?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, I might be able to help you. I have been there, I have experienced anxiety, depression, stress and lack of self-confidence, I have experienced self-doubt. But these can be changed, in your favour.

All it takes it is a decision. Get in touch with me if you feel like having a good talk and taking the first step to a new, free and happy you.

✨✨ My six weeks intensive F.L.Y program opens in September. Let me know if you are interested in working with me. 

Your new life is only one email away.

Until then, I wish you to have the courage to listen to your inner voice and love yourself unapologetically and unconditionally. F.L.Y, first love yourself.

Much love,


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Do you tend to go to extremes?

A couple of years, even months ago, I was one of those who just refused to pay attention to the signals my body was sending to me to slow down, relax and just breath.

I had the constant urge to prove myself, to put everyone else before me, finishing tasks what doesn’t serve me, or was not a priority for me, but others.

✨ Are you this type of person?

✨ Do you neglect the symptoms of your body?

✨ Do you feel exhausted, for no particular reason?

✨ Do you often struggle with headaches or stomachache?

✨ Do you feel drained, unable to cope?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, is the sign of burn-out, lack of self-love, self-respect and confidence.

I can help you find your inner voice again, heal yourself, to learn to love and respect yourself, in a healthy way. I have been there too, not long ago.

Your success is highly influenced by the way how much you love and respect yourself.

Therefore, I wish you all to F.L.Y, first love yourself, find your inner voice, dare to love yourself. Loving the self is not selfish; it is the basis of a balanced and healthy life.

Much love,


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Do you feel that you are not “ready”?

Do you feel that you are not “ready”?

There was a time in my life when I knew that I would like to do more. I had a strong feeling that I deserve more, but I never dared to move forward.

I was procrastinating in making the first step because I convinced myself that I am not “ready” yet, I don’t have the necessary knowledge and proper qualifications, I constantly thought about what others will think about me, I thought that I have to work hard for many years to achieve my goals.

In time, I realized that if I lack self-confidence and I doubt myself all the time, I will never be ready.

Everything goes down to one very elemental emotion: loving yourself.

Everything starts with YOU.

✨ Do YOU feel that you are not ready?

✨ Do YOU tend to procrastinate? Saying things like I will do it tomorrow, I will send that email later, I will make that phone call in the morning, I will publish the blog post tomorrow because it is not “perfect” yet? And many other similar things.

These can be changed easily by shifting your mindset, by starting to love and respect the most important person in your life: YOU.

Your success in all areas of life is highly influenced by how much you love, trust and respect yourself.

There are a few practices incorporated in my new F.L.Y program, what I would like to teach you, whenever you feel “ready” to love yourself enough to move forward.

Until then, I wish you to have the courage to listen to your inner voice and dare to follow your dreams.

Much love,


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Are you trying to be “PERFECT”?

Good morning beautiful souls,

Hope you all had a great weekend and you are ready for another awesome week.

Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on the following question:

✨ Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? Doing the same thing over and over again, because from your point of view it is not “perfect”, not “ready” yet? Do you know what this exactly means? 🙂

One more thought for today:

“Your success in all areas of life is highly influenced by how much you love and respect yourself.”

Much love,


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Two Wolves

There is an old Cherokee story about two wolves, maybe you guys know it, but let me wrap it up for you quickly:

There is a battle going on inside of every one of us. It is a battle between the two wolves:

One is Evil. It is called anger, envy, regret, greed, arrogance and guilt, inferiority, superiority, Ego.

The other one is Good. It is called joy, peace, love, light, happiness, kindness, generosity, compassion and faith.

When asked: “Which wolf wins?”, the old Cherokee`s answer was simple: “ The one you feed.”

I would lovingly like to ask you, and I leave you for this weekend with this question: Which one do YOU feed?

Much love,


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I talked lately with many people, telling me that no matter how hard they work, no matter how hard they try, it seems like they never reach their goals. 

I believe that the main reason why people don’t reach their goals is the lack of clarity. A clearly defined goal always can be achieved. But until you only have a vague idea of what your goal is, it is unlikely to achieve it.

Things like: “I want to be rich.”, “I want to live in abundance”, “I want to be successful.” These goals are nor very clear, to be honest. 

  • What does it mean to you to be wealthy, successful or whatever you want to achieve?
  • Where are you NOW in reaching your goal?
  • What resources do you have NOW?
  • And most importantly, by WHEN you want to achieve that specific goal?

For achieving your goal, take a pen and paper NOW, and write down the following things:

  • Set your intention, and state it in the positive. For example, write down things like “why” you want to achieve that specific goal, “what” motivates you, “how” it will make you feel.
  • Move TOWARD your goal, not AWAY from it. FOCUS on what you want to achieve, not on what you DON’T WANT.
  • Know where you are in the present, in regards to your goal.
  • Be specific of the outcome.
  • Ask yourself: how will I know that I have achieved my goal?

Keep in mind that DREAMS are very different from GOALS. Your DREAM will become a reality if you take some ACTION toward it. 

I wish you all to have the courage to listen to your inner voice and dare to follow your dreams.

Much love,


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How do you begin your day?

How do you begin your day?

A couple of years ago, I had a very self-destructive lifestyle, feeding my mind and my body with all kind of unhealthy stuff.

Later on, when I decided to change my life, because deep inside, I felt that I am more, I deserve more, I started to study the life of successful people, people who were role models to me, living or already passed away from this world.

And I concluded that all of them, without no exception, had their very own morning routines. Then, I thought to myself, might be something in it. And I tried it out.

In the beginning, it was difficult, not the routine itself, but to change the old, unhealthy habits, into new habits. But I was able to do it.

Now, I have my everyday morning routine, I cannot imagine my day without it. Makes me feel grounded, more present. What I would never miss out, is my morning meditation, and setting an intention for the day.

✨Do you have a morning routine?

✨ If yes, what is that?

✨ If not, why not?

Here are some tips and ways on how to start your day, what at a short time will bring you more peace of mind, happiness, and will keep you grounded and focused on what you want:

✨ Making your bed (sound silly, but making your bed after you wake up, means that you have already accomplished something on that day)

✨ Meditation (feeding your soul)

✨ Expressing gratitude

✨ Morning positive affirmations (these you can repeat as many times as you can during the day, like a mantra)

✨ Exercise (can be any form of exercise: practising yoga, running, cycling, swimming, whatever makes you feel joy)

✨ Take a shower

✨ Visualization

✨ Reading (feeding your mind)

✨ Eat a proper breakfast (feeding your body)

If you would like to become a high achiever, make up your daily morning routine, and stick to it, no matter what. Will take commitment and determination, and it is the core of your success.

I wish you all to have the courage to listen to your inner voice and dare to follow your dreams.

Much love,


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Love your life

Today I was walking on the street, and I was smiling, people were looking at me strangely. Everybody, well most of them, wearing the facemasks, and with a sad or anxious look in their eyes whenever someone gets closer to them. Strange times what we are living now.

But I was smiling. And I felt happy.

Do you want to know why? 

Are you just a little bit curious what was the purpose of my face?

Let me tell you a secret: I love myself, and I love my life better than ever before. “Before”, I was not like this. 

My life was full of:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Worry
  • The feeling that “I am not good enough”
  • The feeling that “I don’t have enough”
  • Questioning God, the Universe, everybody
  • Strong urge to please everybody 
  • Fear of rejection and many more

Do you recognize yourself in any of the above? 

If you do you, beautiful soul, then I have good news for you.


I am here to help you, I was there. And, if I am not who you are looking for, I have amazing people around me: coaches, mentors, therapist. I can help you or guide you to the right person. 

I found my voice, I found myself, I found my purpose and I grow every day more and more in my uniqueness, as my coach and mentor @Connie-Lee Bennett would say.

I love having my daughter with me, and now I am almost sure that she came with a purpose in my life too: she came here to teach me self-love, self-acceptance and how to return to myself, how to be “me” again, joyful and happy.

I am grateful for my partner for being there with me and for me, for almost 20 years now (more or less, hehe).

✨ And most of all, I learned TO CELEBRATE LIFE every day.

✨ To love myself for who I am.

✨ To be grateful.

✨ To focus on what I have, not on lack.

✨ To pray.

✨ To have faith.

✨ To keep going. 

I know that the Universe gave me the power, the people around me, and all the resources for me to live a happy life. 

Now, I know for sure that peace, calm and light is with, and within me, in every moment of my life.

✨ What I love the best is my FREEDOM. 

You can have that too, beautiful soul.

I wish you to have the courage in this present moment, to follow your inner voice and listen to your heart.

“This too shall pass” – remember that. 

Click on the free resources section of my website if you decided that you want to start changing your life, book a call with me if you would like to hear my voice encouraging you and we will see if we can work together. 

There is always an option. 

The choice is yours. Only you can decide how to live your life.

Honouring life every day, or longing. 

Much love,


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Today let`s take a moment and focus on paying attention to all the love and abundance that is around us.

What do you focus on every day?

What thoughts do you have all the time? Are you focusing on abundance, or thinking about what you lack?

Are you still looking to find the answer to the question “how”? Let it go, be grateful and let the Divine work it out for you. You don’t have to know the “how”, all you need to do is to have faith and trust that everything will work out for your highest good.

People tend to focus on what they lack, instead of focusing on what they already have. Today, make a list of all the things you are grateful for in your life, focusing on all what you already have. The most probably the list will be huge, and you will realize that there are plenty of the things that you can be grateful for: for a loving family, relationships, for opening your eyes this morning, for the sunshine, for having food on the table every day and shelter above your head, having freshwater and the list is endless.

If you start focusing on the abundance that surrounds you, you will attract more of it. But if you keep focusing on what you lack, that you shall have.

♥️ Today, be grateful. Give thanks and ask for guidance. The Universe will take care of it and will show you the way.

I wish you all to have the courage to listen to that voice in your head, coming from your heart, and have the courage to follow your dreams.

Much love,

Krisztina ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

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