Hi guys,

Hope you all had a good week so far. I would like to ask for your help.

I have been working in the past couple of weeks, and I decided to design a motivational workshop and a new coaching programme.

For this, I would like to interview women and man to find out what are your needs are, and how can I help better.

I would kindly like to ask you to complete the below survey. Not only will help me out to do better, but you will also get immense value out of the FREE 30 min coaching call when selected.

I know that the most precious gift what you can give someone is time, and I appreciate you, and I would be grateful if you would give me some of your time.

Click on the link below to take the questionnaire! Will not take longer than 5 min. I assure you that I will treat your personal information shared with me carefully.

Much love,


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Finding balance in all areas of your life might seem difficult. But, with a little bit of practice and awareness, you can achieve it, and you will feel calmer, and more grounded.

For me, balance can be the inside balance, between my heart, mind and soul; and the outside balance, between my work, family and social life. Both are equally important for a happy and joyful life.

One would ask, how can I get this balance? How can I get there, when there are so many things to pay attention to?

The answer is very simple: all you need to do is, to change your old habits and beliefs that no longer serve you, into new and empowering beliefs. Simple things like being grateful for example can bring balance to your life. Read good books, meditate, take time to look inward, spend time with yourself, and always listen to your inner voice.

Set realistic and achievable goals in all areas of life and chose your friends wisely. Never bring your work home, and never bring your home to work. These are two separate areas of your life, and combining the two, on a long term will do more damage, than good.

As Koi Fresco said:

“Balance is the key to everything. What we do, think, say, eat, feel, they all require awareness and through this awareness we can grow.”

I wish you, my dear friend, to live a balanced, grounded and happy life, and to always listen to your inner voice. It will guide you along the way.

Much love,


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#FREE MASTERMIND :) – save the date

Join me on Monday 25th of May from 4 pm UK time for a #FREE MASTERMIND session.

Zoom link to the session:

Topic: What is self-love? #MASTERMIND SESSION

Time: May 25, 2020 04:00 PM London

Will you be joining me? 🙂

Meeting ID: 722 1918 1496

Password: 045295

Are you still looking for approval from others? Do you think that you are not enough? You have been told that it is not for you? You lack self-confidence or have no idea how to love yourself? 

Then this is the best place for you to be 🙂

We will look on these questions TOGETHER and I will do all that I can for you to leave the session more confident and ready to start loving the most important person in your life: YOU 

I am not saying that I will change your life – ONLY YOU CAN DO THAT – but I will make you start to THINK for yourself. 

Looking forward to seeing you there beautiful 🙂 

Much love,


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Join me on Monday 25th of May from 4 pm UK time for a FREE MASTERMIND session.

Are you still looking for approval from others? Do you think that you are not enough? You have been told that it is not for you?

You lack self-confidence or have no idea how to love yourself? 

Then this is the best place for you to be 🙂

We will look at these questions TOGETHER and I will do all that I can for you to leave the session more confident and ready to start loving the most important person in your life: YOU 

If you would you like to join me on this FREE MASTERMIND SESSION on the 25th of May from 4 pm UK time, sign up to my website and you are in or send me an email.

I don’t say that I will change your life – ONLY YOU CAN DO THAT – but I will make you start to THINK for yourself. 

Looking forward to seeing you there beautiful 🙂 

Much love,


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Good morning beautiful,

Not long ago I was writing about self-love and self-care, and the connection between the two concepts.  I am using aromatherapy for a while now, and I decided to share with you some facts about what you should know about it, from my own experience.

I use essential oils for boosting my mood, for a calming bath or massage, as part of my self-care ritual and wellbeing. Not long ago, I discovered that some of the oils can be used internally as well, and they have an amazing benefit for your health. If you would like to know more about this, click on the link below the article and you can find some very useful information, for you to learn and grow.

So, here for you today in a nutshell, what I think about aromatherapy and the use of essential oils in self-care, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

As you probably know, the use of essential oils has an Ancient history, going back to early Egyptian, Chinese and Roman societies. In our modern world, we use essential oils for its well-known benefits in stress-relieving, sleep-promoting and mood-regulating benefits.

For me, aromatherapy is an excellent way to get myself into a meditative state. As you know, the main idea of meditation is to stay present in the moment, but I am sure your thoughts will wander at first. For me, the best scents for relaxation are lavender, chamomile and peppermint, but you can use any scent that resonates with you. These oils are great in enhancing the mediation experience and will give you clarity and peace of mind.

Remember, being present in the moment is a ticket to being happy.

I wish you all to find your peace of mind, have the courage to listen to your inner voice and dare to love yourself 🙂

Much love,


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I have come to an amazing realization: the quieter my mind is, the more I can focus, and I can listen to my inner voice, the calmer my mind is, the stronger my voice will become.

“Learn to calm down the winds of your mind, and you will enjoy great inner peace.” – Remez Sasson

Not long ago, when I had a speech or a presentation, I tend to speak very fast and sometimes people couldn’t follow my idea, because I was so fast in presenting and explaining simple facts, that they were not able to understand and I’ve lost them in the first 2 minutes. My gestures were too “loud” and I used to make huge circles in the air with my arms, pointing and making the aeroplane.  I was awful by the time.

Looking back on that, I am almost sure, that my audience had great fun watching me after they gave up listening to me.

But now, things are a little bit different.

Although I still have a lot to learn and to practice, I’ve realized that the more I connect with myself, the more I know my purpose, and if I set my intention every time before I open my mouth, the effect on people is different. I am not that “loud”, but my words have more meaning, and resonate in those to whom I address them.

 My presentation might be shorter, but more powerful.

My voice not trembling anymore, and I am more grounded.

My gestures are smooths and I am open to giving all that I have.

Now, that I’m learning to understand how the things work, how the law of attraction works, I begin to understand the unlimited potential within me, the capability to serve others through my learning, to give value to others, by simply growing in my unique essence, and starting to explore the potential of the person who’s looking back to me in the mirror.

What I’m saying today is this: be grateful for everything that you have, be aware of your thoughts and watch your words, as though what you think of yourself and what you spoke out loud, you create your reality.

Practice mediation, because the goal of meditation is to focus your attention to your breath, to focus your attention on things that are happening right now, in the present moment. There is no right or wrong way on how to meditate. The idea is to be present in the moment.

“Calm mind brings inner strengths and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health.” – Dalai Lama

I wish you all to find your purpose, your inner peace and to dare to listen to your inner voice.

Much love,


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The power within

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Hope you all had a great and relaxing weekend. It has been a couple of days now since I have posted last time. The reason is simple: I was thinking. What a surprise 🙂

I was in silence for a while, because as Rumi said “The quieter you become the more you are able to hear.” And I need to hear my inner voice, to connect more with my inner child, to connect more with my soul.

There is an idea what I would like to share with you, and as John Lennon said, you may say that I`m a dreamer, but I hope I am not the only one.

Here it is: I believe that we are all one, and we should live in a world full of understanding, love and peace, not in a world ruled by fear and excess of power. We should live in a world where our children and grandchildren can laugh and play freely, where we are aware of our power and our unlimited potential, where we are working to build a perfect world together.

For this, my friend, we must wake up.

We must recognize that the power is within us; all of us. And the power of love, peace and light is much stronger than anything else. We are all part of this Universe, and we are all connected, but we lost this connection, somehow, on the way. God, the Universe, the One, or call it however you want it, is not separate from us, is not something outside us, it is WITHIN US. The love, peace and light are in every one of us. We just need to have the courage to recognize it and to use it to build a better, safer and joyful world.

“We are seeing a great awakening. A national movement of WE the PEOPLE brought together by what unites us – a shared love of liberty, and an understanding of the unlimited potential of a free man and free woman.” – Ted Cruz.

But this means to know ourselves better, love ourselves and people around us better, healthily. And this my friend, is tremendous inner work. And when it comes to change one’s mind, people tend to pull back, even though they know, that at the end of the process, will find the perfect life about each and one of us is dreaming about. But this, my friend, requires compassion and understanding, to get rid of old, limiting beliefs and to be open to gain new and empowering beliefs to unlock your unlimited potential, from within.

“Beyond the mind, at the deepest level of consciousness, resides the spirit. This is the part of us that is eternal, unchanging, and imbued with pure unlimited potential. Tapping into this potential is what enables us to make miracles.” – Deepak Chopra.

Are you willing to try? Are you willing to leave behind the old, limiting beliefs and start working on a new, empowered you? Are you willing to connect more with your soul, to discover your purpose and the unlimited potential, hidden within you?

Then my dear friend, start to F.L.Y and start to believe in the unlimited potential within you, within all of us.

I wish you all to have the courage to listen to your inner voice, to discover the hidden potential within you and dare to follow your dreams.

Much love,


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Positive thinking

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The thing is that for me positivity is more than smiling and looking joyful and happy. For me it means an overall perspective of life.

Kendra Cherry says:

Positive thinking actually means approaching life’s challenges with a positive outlook. It does not necessarily mean avoiding or ignoring the bad things; instead, it involves making the most of the potentially bad situations, trying to see the best in other people, and viewing yourself and your abilities in a positive light.”

Developing the right thoughts isn’t always about being constantly with the head in the clouds, happy and cheerful, and ignoring anything that is unpleasant or negative. It is about knowing your emotions, learning to manage your negative emotions, accepting bad moods and increasing control over your attitude.

And how you can develop a positive mindset? Read, listen, focus, set goals, take difficulties as challenges, practice gratitude, mindfulness. And first of all, BREATHE – deeply, consciously, mindfully.

“Stay positive. Take a deep breath, keep moving forward and don’t look back. Everything is working out for your highest good. Embrace and trust the process.”

I wish you all an amazing day.

Much love,


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