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Change your life…my book re-published

I had ups and downs in my life many times. Well, mostly downs. 

I had no idea where I am in life, at one point I had no idea even of who I AM. I drifted away, felt completely lost. 

🤔 Do you feel the same sometimes? I know, I have been there too. 

But the good news is that I am not there anymore. Luckily. 

And things can change for you as well. 

💪 If you ask me, it takes hard work on yourself? Yes, it is bloody hard work. Some might say it is easy. It might be. For me, it was hard. Especially in the beginning.  

I was full of fear, limiting beliefs, bad habits, and I did not respect the most important person in my life: ME. 

When I started to change, I realized that I only have one life. 

😕 I realized that I am not immortal. What a surprise. Many of us live their lives without realizing that we are only live once. 

📖 What made me publish my book “RE-ACT and change your life”? 

I wanted to make You understand that you are precious, your life is precious, don’t waste it. 

🔥 Live every moment, be joyful and chose to be happy. 

🔥 Change your beliefs about yourself; stop talking negatively about yourself. 

🔥 Smile to the person who is looking back to you on the mirror. 

🔥 Embrace life, celebrate yourself, take good care of yourself, of your body, mind and your soul. 

🔒 There was a time when I lived in a very self-destructive way. 

But now it is different. 

💎 Now I know that my body, my mind and my soul are precious. Unique. There is no one else like me. I am who I am, with all my imperfections. 

💎 And. you are unique too. There is no one else like you. And this makes us beautiful. 💎 This makes life beautiful. 

I wrote the book to show you that it is possible. 

💎 And, it is liberating when you finally find yourself; when you find out who you are, what you want in life and where you want to be. 

It is up to you how you live your life.

You can fail and stay there, bathing in self-pity or you can fail and chose to stand up, re-act, fight back and move forward again and again. 

Change your life. 

It is possible. And it is amazing if you believe in yourself. 

Book review:

💥 Simple and powerful 💥

“It started as being someone else’s life story, but on the way, it became my life story. Easy reading, I read it in couple of days in the tube, going and coming from work, and forgot about it until one morning I realised I started doing things written in that book. What does it take for a book to be good? The writing style, the author’s reputation, the story? In this case I will say the power of the simple ideas expressed in this book.” Mihaela D.

All I can say is 🙏 Thank you…you made my heart sing.

Love from the bottom of my heart,

Krisztina ❤️

The secret to FREEDOM is COURAGE

What is courage?

The dictionary defines the word as the ability to do something that frightens one, bravery.

💥 For me, courage means to reveal your true self to the world.

💥 Courage means to show up, being the real, authentic you, not someone who you are expected to be.

💥 Courage means to look deep inside yourself and find a connection with your soul.

💥 Courage means to listen to your soul.

💥 Courage means being aware of your thoughts and changing them.

💥 Courage means facing all your emotions and works around them.

💥 It is the courage to be different, think different in a world where you are expected to obey the rules. It is the courage to think for yourself and not letting others think for you or on behalf of you.

🎤 It is the courage to make your true voice heard, and it is the courage to stand out from the crowd. It is courage to kiss, love, hug, dance freely.

💥 It is the courage to teach about light, love and peace in a world full of fear and hatred.

💥 It is courage daring to shine bright when there is only darkness around.

💥 It is the courage to truly, deeply and unconditionally love yourself.

💥 It is courage to claim your freedom back.

In the comments below, let me know how would YOU define courage?

Also, if you feel that you are ready, get in touch with me, and we can reveal who you truly are, how to reconnect with yourself and how to unapologetically and unconditionally love yourself.

Much love,


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💫 Comparing yourself to others 💫

The funny thing is that whether you admit it or not, we tend to compare ourselves to others from time to time – some do this pretty often.

If you want a perfect recipe for low self-confidence and unhappiness – you just found it. Comparing yourself to others is not useful at all.

The other day I caught myself doing the same thing while scrolling down on social media. There are a lot of coaches, consultants, inspirational people out there, and at a certain point, I had a mild panic attack: OMG, how am I going to be visible in this crowd? They are all so beautiful, they in business for many years, with hundreds or thousands of followers, perfect smile and they all look soooo damn confident.

For a minute, I felt so small. Who am I to be here?

But then, you know what?

🧚 We are all here with a purpose; we are all beautiful in our own way, we are at a different stage of our lives, businesses. It is like comparing a complete beginner tennis player with the winner of Wimbledon.

🧚 I realized that the most important thing is to work around your strengths and see your true value. Being confident, believing in yourself is one of the key components of success. In a way, it is natural to compare ourselves with others, but the truth is that it will make us feel unhappy.

🤔 Question is: how do you stop comparing yourself to others?

Quick advice:

⚡ Awareness – try to be aware when you start comparing yourself to others.

🛑 Stop – acknowledge the thought, then change your focus.

⚡ Count your blessings – focus on what you have, not on what you lack

⚡ No one is perfect – be ok with imperfection.

💞 Learnt to first, love yourself – F.L.Y, realize that you are enough, you are unique, beautiful and worthy just the way you are.

Drop a ❤️ in the comment box below or DM me if you would love to know more.

Much love,


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It is all about LOVE

Healing your life, your body, your mind, your soul, fixing toxic relationships, with yourself and others, loving yourself unapologetically and unconditionally, giving all your knowledge, heart and soul to inspire others – you only can do this if you know what LOVE is.

Love is not a word or just a thought – love is the deepest feelings what you can have inside you. YOU are LOVE. As YOU are the LIGHT too.

LOVE carries with it the highest possible energy.

The high-frequency energy, coming from you’re the centre of your HEART, coming from your SOUL.

LOVE is the most precious gift what we can give to others. Assuming we LOVE OURSELVES first. This is what we have to teach our children: to love themselves deeply and truly, so they can give their love to others. Teach them the meaning of LIGHT, the meaning of being a SPIRITUAL being, teach them understanding and compassion.

My heart is crying out loud seeing all that is happening now: “wear the mask”, “cover your face”, “lower your voice”, “shut up”, “obey”, “don’t touch”, “don’t love”, “don’t hug”, “don’t go”…

Is this the world where we want to live?

Is this the world what we offer to our children?

We ALL are beautiful souls in human bodies, unique in our own way, diamonds to shine bright in the darkness.

Our soul in this human body is on the EARTH only temporarily. We are here with a purpose.

Do you know already WHAT IS YOUR PURPOSE?

When the time comes, we leave this body what we call now “mine”, as you say: my heart, my arms, my legs, my eyes.

Can you tell me why “I AM” sounds different??

I tell you. How do this sound?



I am compassion

I am understanding


TEACH your children to hug without fear, embrace your loved ones today because you don’t know if there is a tomorrow, you don’t know when your soul will leave this body, laugh a lot, kiss a lot, inspire others.


When you find the LOVE in YOUR heart, you will be able to give it to others.

You will experience what I LOVE to call FREEDOM.


Let the LOVE and the LIGHT rule the world.


With much LOVE from the bottom of my HEART,


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Almost every choice that we make every day has its consequences, good or bad, in the future.

You prefer to stay in the known, familiar environment, making decisions based on past experiences or you are curious, adventurous, and ready to explore the unknown?

You are driven forward by your vision, pulled by the image of your future self, or your past is holding you back?

As for me, a couple of months ago, almost every decision I made used to be a battle between my present self and my future self, a battle between the two mindsets.

The old mindset is telling me:  you don’t know, you have never done that before, you are not ready. My future self is whispering in my ear: you are good enough, you can do it, it will be fun, it will make you happy, go for it.

My current self wants everything now, want it all and want it now.

💎 My future self is telling me to take the longest path, don’t skip stages, as I might lose valuable lessons along the way.

My present self is telling me to do it now, fast. Therefore, I am rushing, getting stressed, overwhelmed, anxious.

💎 My future self, being more gentle whispers: hey, enjoy the ride. 

And the truth is if sometimes I listen to my present self, the results are temporary, and it often turns out that the decisions I made, did not bring me any closer to my future self.

💎 When I make my decisions listening to the wiser future self, the results are for long-term, making me happier, more balanced, giving me a sense of freedom.

In the past few months, I caught myself listening more and more to what my future self is telling me. Not a surprise that I feel better, my decisions are more in alignment with my vision.

For you, to live a happy and balanced life, making decisions that are more in alignment with your soul purpose, here is a little exercise, that might help you.

Drop in the comments below, or send me a message with the answer to the following:

💎 Write down 10 things from your “future self” to your “present self”. 💎Put in the comments at least one 🙂

I am genuinely curious about it.

I wish you all a happy and balanced life.

Much love,


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When YOU change, everything changes

💎 It might seem strange, but the truth is, “the body is the servant of the mind”. And if you feel like you want to argue with me, please don’t. This statement is not mine, Dr Joe Dispenza said that in his book “Breaking the habit of being yourself”, which by the way I love to read.

It is pretty annoying actually, how reading a book, you can find out so many things about yourself. It is like when someone gossips about you behind your back, and when you hear back the story/gossip, you are amazed to find things about yourself what you didn’t know before 😀 

💫 This is how the body-brain, conscious-subconscious mind connection is.

And this is my relationship with myself. The more I learn, the more I discovered, I realized that there is hidden Krisztina inside me, who was in the dark so far, feeling cold and afraid, but in a familiar environment. But now, when she saw the ray of light, she wants more of it. And then, even more.

💎 The other day I was reading a very good writing from one of my friends @Agynes Kapas, where she was talking about something very similar. About being for so long in the dark and in the cold, that the environment became familiar. And when you see the light, it scares you, it blinds you in the beginning, takes some time to get used with it. But as soon your eyes are familiarized with the light, you will realize that the light, the sun, has warmth too. How strange. And you will see a lot of new things; you will see that you are not alone, there are other people around you, some of them already walking in this light, they “are” the light. And then you feel that you are at home. That is the place where you belong. 

💎 Where not your body, but your mind is the master. 

💫 Dr Joe Dispenza said that “you have to unlearn or unwire, your old thinking and feeling patterns and then relearn, or rewire, your brain with new patterns of thinking and feeling, based on who you want to be instead” (pg.65).

It is easy and fast to do this?

Maybe for some, it might be. For me, it wasn’t easy. Not in the beginning. 

For me, it was a pretty tough journey. I resisted a lot, a fight a lot back then, mainly with myself. 

At some point, there were two Krisztina`s: the old one, a rebel, stubborn, “I am always right”, “Why this is happening only to me?” Krisztina, and it was the new, calm, peaceful Krisztina. The self-loving Krisztina.

💫 Now, who is with me? 

💎 Drop me an 💜 in the comments below or send me a message, if you are curious to find out what was my battle and how I won; if you are curious about how I learned to love myself, and you are ready to love yourself, too. 

I wish you all a balanced and happy life.

Much love,


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The power of choice

Living your life, you make tons of unconscious choices daily: you chose what to wear, what to eat, what to drink, to whom you spend your time, what books to read. These are routine choices, made unconsciously and you don’t even think about them, you choose on “automatic” mode.

And sometimes, you are in a situation where you have to make big choices, like changing your life or staying where you are, stuck.

⭐ You can choose to love yourself first (so then you can love others, too), or you can choose to keep being a people pleaser.

⭐ You can choose to look for approval from others or listening to your own inner voice.

⭐ You can choose to be brave, to face your fears (existing in your mind only) or to stay in your comfort zone, not moving forward toward your dream life.

⭐ You can choose your friends.

⭐ You can choose your business partners.

⭐ You can choose your path.

It is your decision. It is in your power to make a choice. 

You can choose to delay to make the choice, because you are afraid of not making the wrong decision.

Why not simply you listen to your heart? Listen to your inner voice? They are never wrong.

As for me:

💜 I choose to stay true to myself.

💜 I choose to live my life, in my terms.

💜 I choose to be free, to inspire and to give love.

💜 I choose to dare to be different and to make a difference.

💜 But first of all, I choose to first, love myself.

“Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you.” – John C. Maxwell.

What do you choose?

Much love,


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What is meditation?

As defined by Dr Joe Dispenza, “meditation means to become familiar with”. 

What exactly does this mean?

Dr Dispenza explains that meditating means to become familiar with your thoughts, the behaviours and the emotions of your old self.

My opinion is there is no right or wrong way to meditate. When you hear “meditation” usually you tend to associate it with the monks and gurus, however, it is a habitual process of training your mind to focus. I use meditation to increase awareness of myself, my old thoughts and to imprint new, empowering and positive thoughts in my subconscious mind. It helps me to focus my energy, and I feel relaxed, grounded in my intention after a meditation session. You don’t have to sit for hours, especially when you are a beginner. It is like when you would like to win the bodybuilding championship, without any workout J. In time, as you practice mediation daily, you will be able to stay longer in that state of being, in stillness. 

What are the benefits of mediation?

✨ Relaxation is often a result of meditation 

✨ Improved blood circulation 

✨ Less anxiety

✨ Feelings of well-being

✨ Improved self-awareness 

✨ Long-lasting emotional stability

Meditating for just 10 minutes a day can bring you significant positive results, change your attitude toward your life, and provide peace of mind.

I know that it helps me, and I only can recommend to all of you to meditate daily. You can meditate anywhere, does not require any special equipment or space, you can do it in the privacy of your room, gardens, holy places, balcony, near running water (I love this one).

I wish you all to live a happy and balanced life.

Love, Krisztina 

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Respect yourself

For being respected by others, first you have to learn respect yourself.

✨ Be what/who YOU want to be, rather than being what others want you to be.

✨ Surround yourself with people who encourage you.

✨ Practice daily gratitude and meditation

✨ Believe that you are worthy

✨ Know that you deserve to be treated right

✨ Set boundaries, respect yourself

Much love,


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Purpose comes first

Hello beautiful soul,

Let me kick-off this Saturday afternoon with one question: 

✨ Do you know what your purpose is in this lifetime? 

✨ Did you figure out yet why you want the business/job/life that you want so badly?

✨ Did you know that there are three types of purposes, and for you to succeed and to be who/what you want to be, these 3 need to be in alignment? Your head – heart – soul purpose need to be in balance.

If you would like to be a better version of yourself if you wish to have long-term success in your life/relationships/business, not only just a quick win followed by failure than you need to keep these purposes in alignment. 

These 3 will guide your life, influence your decisions and actions and offer you a sense of direction.

Your purpose is unique to you; your path, it is what makes you different from others. What might seem impossible for some, maybe easy to achieve for you. 

Would you like to go deeper and find out what is your life purpose (head- heart -soul)? Send me a message or book a clarity call with me on the following link:

Looking forward to talking to you.

Much love,


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