People have a busy life. People are selfish, preoccupied only with themselves, people don’t want to listen to your stories, they are not interested in your dreams and what you want, people are interested in themselves, all what they want is someone to listen to them, to listen to their stories, about their dreams andContinue reading “BE A GOOD LISTENER”

Follow your dreams!

Yesterday it’s gone. Live your PRESENT, build your FUTURE. That’s true. Yesterday it’s gone. Let it go, it’s past and you don’t live in the past. Be here, be present, live for today and live for your future. For a better future then your past was. If you always keep looking back on your pastContinue reading “Follow your dreams!”


And the journey begins. I have started my website exactly 10 days ago. With slow steps I move forward. Tell me, what have you done in the past 10 days to get closer to your goals? Come on, let’s make it together. It will be difficult, probably, but not impossible. I am aware that manyContinue reading “THE ROAD TO SUCCESS”


I was sitting on the tube this morning. London. The tube was very crowded, and as I had quite a long way to go, my thoughts were on my new project, my new blog, speaking to people and teach them from the stage, what can I do to make my dream come true. In myContinue reading “TUESDAY MORNING THOUGHTS”

Habits of successful people in nutshell (part 2)

Hi all, Here we are again and I hope you have a great day today. On the second part of the habits of successful people I will talk about the following things, I hope will help you as well in your road to success:  Plan every day in advance Planning your day a night beforeContinue reading “Habits of successful people in nutshell (part 2)”

Habits of successful people in nutshell (part 1)

Hi all, Hope you had a great day today 🙂 Today I want to share with you the following: researching the life and work of successful people, I have come to the conclusion that there are some habits what all of them they have and lead them on the road to success: Build your self-conceptContinue reading “Habits of successful people in nutshell (part 1)”

The beginning

If you are asking me what is my passion, my answer is simple: people.  Helping people to understand things, to succeed and to see that they are happy, makes me feel happy. And this is all what matters really  🙂 In my whole life I helped people, family, friends and strangers. For some reason whatContinue reading “The beginning”

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