I was sitting on the tube this morning. London. The tube was very crowded, and as I had quite a long way to go, my thoughts were on my new project, my new blog, speaking to people and teach them from the stage, what can I do to make my dream come true. In myContinue reading “TUESDAY MORNING THOUGHTS”

Habits of successful people in nutshell (part 2)

Hi all, Here we are again and I hope you have a great day today. On the second part of the habits of successful people I will talk about the following things, I hope will help you as well in your road to success:  Plan every day in advance Planning your day a night beforeContinue reading “Habits of successful people in nutshell (part 2)”

Habits of successful people in nutshell (part 1)

Hi all, Hope you had a great day today 🙂 Today I want to share with you the following: researching the life and work of successful people, I have come to the conclusion that there are some habits what all of them they have and lead them on the road to success: Build your self-conceptContinue reading “Habits of successful people in nutshell (part 1)”

The beginning

If you are asking me what is my passion, my answer is simple: people.  Helping people to understand things, to succeed and to see that they are happy, makes me feel happy. And this is all what matters really  🙂 In my whole life I helped people, family, friends and strangers. For some reason whatContinue reading “The beginning”

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