Hello again my old and new dear Friends! Hope you had a great time during holidays, spend it with your loved ones, full of joy, laughter and happiness. This is the beginning of a New Year, new opportunities and new possibilities. On New Year Eve, many of us make promises, set goals, wish for theirContinue reading “THE POWER OF GOAL SETTING”

Don’t quit!

On your way, sometimes you will feel tired. I guess that’s all right to get tired from time to time. But don’t quit. Just rest for a while, take some time just for yourself. Meditate, do yoga, read a good book, be with yourself. Love yourself, give yourself time to recharge. But do NEVER GIVEContinue reading “Don’t quit!”

Just one small thought

Hi my dear All, There is one very important thing I have learned in the past couple of weeks, and that thing can make magic happen. 🙂 I wish you a lovely day, stay and think positive and positive, good things will happen to you. You will attract opportunities and peoples in your life whoContinue reading “Just one small thought”

Don’t be afraid even if you stand alone

Now, you passed the way when you changed the way of thinking, you think positive :). Now you know what you want to be. You defined your “goals”. People are afraid or they don’t like the word “goal”. Therefore, as someone once told me , change the word “goal” to : dream, desire, wish, plan.Continue reading “Don’t be afraid even if you stand alone”

Take small steps in knowing yourself

A jouney of a thousand miles begins with a small step – said Lao Tzu. And that’s right. Knowing yourself, knowing who you are and where you want to be takes time to figure it out. We are all raised in a society where we are told how to think, what to feel, advertisements allContinue reading “Take small steps in knowing yourself”

Morning thoughts

I can tell you for sure: everything what’s in your life, everything what happens to you, it’s attracted by you :). Maybe you are aware of this, in your conscious mind or maybe in your subconscious. However, your subconscious is doing 95% of the “work”. Did you know that? Everything what you wish for itContinue reading “Morning thoughts”

Believe in yourself

Let me tell you this: even when no one else believes in you, just believe in yourself. That’s the most powerful thing. Believe that you can, believe and feel that is yours and you will have it. If you are the only one who believe in your Dreams, that’s all right. You know what youContinue reading “Believe in yourself”

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