Habits of successful people in nutshell (part 2)

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Hi all,

Here we are again and I hope you have a great day today. On the second part of the habits of successful people I will talk about the following things, I hope will help you as well in your road to success:

 Plan every day in advance

Planning your day a night before might seem strange or useless, but if you plan your day in advance it will drastically increase your productivity. You can use various methods when planning your day, can be calendars or to do lists, whatever is more comfortable to you. At the end of the day, write down the 5 most important things what you need to do the following day, in the top of the list the hardest, the most difficult one. Now, one of the most important thing is that you should take action the following day, as talking about productivity and getting things done, will not get you forward, so in order to be actually productive you have to do something for it, you have to take action. I realized that if I do not plan my day the night before, I am very busy the whole day, running here and there, doing this and that, in the evening I feel extremely tired, and actually annoyed, as practically I have done nothing worthy, I have done nothing what can bring me closer to my goal. So, plan your day ahead, wake up early in the morning, spend some time with yourself, with reading, exercise or anything what makes you feel happy and energized, and then start to work on your tasks, on your daily goals. In this way, when you finish to do the 5 most important task, you will realize that you still have a lot of time, you are extremely productive and you will feel accomplished. As every day can be different, my advice and what I do as well, plan just one day ahead at a time. So, plan your day in advance by choosing the best method that works for you J

Read every day

Dr. Seuss said once: “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

By reading books you will gain knowledge, your conversation will become better and better, you will be able to express yourself clearly and you will gain respect because of the way how you speak. Reading will build your skills, stimulate your brain, helps you to improve your vocabulary and also, will help you to develop a good self-image.

“The pen is mightier than the sword”

Wish you all a wonderful day,

Love, Cristina


Habits of successful people in nutshell (part 1)

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Hi all,

Hope you had a great day today 🙂

Today I want to share with you the following: researching the life and work of successful people, I have come to the conclusion that there are some habits what all of them they have and lead them on the road to success:

Build your self-concept

Every successful person has a strong sense of self-concept. Self-concept, the image what we have of ourselves, can be raised through positive thinking, what is a powerful tool and can lead on your way to success. One of the best motivational speakers said that the two most powerful words in English language are: I AM. So, repeating to yourself: I am a good person, I can do it, I am a good husband, I am a good father, I am a good mother, I am a good business man, will raise your self-concept. I know that sometimes it is very difficult to think positive, but not impossible. If you train your mind for positive thoughts, the first thing when you wake up in the morning will be a good memory, ay idea or anything positive, what will lead your way through the day. If you think different, you think positive, good things will start to happen to you. 🙂

Set goals

If you know exactly what would you like to achieve in your life, set goals and write them down on a sheet of paper. A written goal is powerful. Learn to write down your ideas and step by step try to figure out how you can reach your goal. Try to find ways and methods to get closer to your goal every day. A couple of years ago, I started to practice and to train myself to write down my ideas, and in a very short time I have realized, that if I write down my goals, what I would like to achieve on a specific day, within a month or within a year, I became more productive in my work and I had also spare time what I can spend with my family. And here we reach number 3

Time management

If you adopt good time management techniques it means that you will simplify your day and you will get things done faster. But avoid procrastination, that’s your enemy, don’t forget that. 🙂

Wake up early (successful people always wake up early), do the most difficult task from your list first thing in the morning. Plan ahead your day the night before.

Wish you all a successful and happy life,

Cristina 🙂

The beginning

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If you are asking me what is my passion, my answer is simple: people.  Helping people to understand things, to succeed and to see that they are happy, makes me feel happy. And this is all what matters really  🙂

In my whole life I helped people, family, friends and strangers. For some reason what I can’t explain, when in doubt or just need help, my friends are calling me, asking for my advice. I am happy to help, because I know how it feels when you have no one around you to give you that small piece of advice, as I have been there myself at some point in my life.

When I realised that my advise is helping people to improve themselves and to succeed in different areas of their lives, I started to develop myself, to read and gain knowledge in all those areas important to me and others, and I do feel that it is the time to share my knowledge, life experience with others, so they can learn as well. Learn from mistakes and my failures, but learn to never give up.

So, let’s start together this beautiful journey, this new chapter in my life and hopefully a new chapter in your lives.

Love you all,