Purpose comes first

Hello beautiful soul, Let me kick-off this Saturday afternoon with one question:  ✨ Do you know what your purpose is in this lifetime?  ✨ Did you figure out yet why you want the business/job/life that you want so badly? ✨ Did you know that there are three types of purposes, and for you to succeedContinue reading “Purpose comes first”

People who trust in you

I am amongst those who are lucky enough to be surrounded by people who sometimes have more trust in me than I have in myself. I am very grateful and feel blessed to have them in my life because when I am feeling blue (sometimes it happens), or not sure about my next step, theseContinue reading “People who trust in you”

Do you hold yourself accountable?

Hello beautiful souls, Let`s go a little bit deeper today and allow me to lovingly ask you the following question: Do you tend to blame others for your circumstances, for where are you at now in your life or are you brave enough to hold yourself accountable? Or you just simply do not know howContinue reading “Do you hold yourself accountable?”

The importance of a balanced life

HOW you can live a balanced life? Here are some tips for you today: ✨ Take good care and look after yourself ✨ Know that your number 1 priority is YOU ✨ Set your goals ✨ Be determined ✨ Commit to yourself ✨ Be organized ✨ Love yourself ✨ Practice gratitude daily / meditate AndContinue reading “The importance of a balanced life”

Respect yourself first

✨ If you want others to respect you, first, show respect to yourself. Also, you cannot give to others what you don’t have inside you. Also, respect yourself enough to know, that you deserve the best. 🔥 My 1:1 program is open NOW for registrations, if you would like to know more about it, dropContinue reading “Respect yourself first”

First, love yourself

For being able to love others, first, love yourself 🙂 I help you to bring balance back into a life that has grown imbalanced due to a lack of self-love and self-respect. My 1:1 program is open NOW for registrations, if you would like to know more about it, drop me a message or bookContinue reading “First, love yourself”

The answer is within you

For many years I have been looking for approval from others, searching for answers outside me, always asking the wrong questions and as a result, getting the wrong answers, and never getting the desired results. Are you this type of person? Are you looking for approval from others? Are you searching the right answer somewhereContinue reading “The answer is within you”

Resistance to change

For many years I have been looking for approval from outside, I focused more on what other people will say about me, and I always tried to change my environment, the things that were outside me. The results were not satisfying or not at all that I wanted to be. Until one day, when IContinue reading “Resistance to change”

I dare to love myself

✨ I used to be tired most of the time, mostly doing things that don’t make me happy. ✨ I used to look for perfection, and through this, always postponing/procrastinating to do the things that matter to me. ✨ Feeling burned out. ✨ Feeling overwhelmed. ✨ Always thinking about what other people will think ofContinue reading “I dare to love myself”

Be the heroine of your own life

✨ Are you the type of person who always blames others for you not succeeding? ✨ Do you blame your boss, your colleagues who don’t understand you, do you blame your family and friends because you did not make it?  🔥 Take full responsibility for your own life. 🔥 Take your future, your dreams inContinue reading “Be the heroine of your own life”

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