Sounds familiar? How many times do you say this to yourself? Did you know that the way we think about ourselves, the way we talk about ourselves becomes our reality? Does it become the truth for us? 🛑 I would lovingly like to ask you: PLEASE STOP.  Now, please read the following statements and makeContinue reading “I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH”

To win, you must begin

No one never became successful in something, let it be anything, without first starting somewhere then keep training, learning, moving forward continuously.  Have you ever seen a football player being successful without many years of training and dedication? A tennis player who won Wimbledon, who become the best just like that? It requires years ofContinue reading “To win, you must begin”

Self-love, once again :)

Yesterday I was talking with Maya. Girlish talk, as she likes to call it :). I love these girlish talks with my daughter.  I learn a lot, mostly about myself. At one point she asked me: Mum, what do you love the best about yourself? Me: ????? 🤸‍♂ Maya: Well, I love my personality. ♥️Continue reading “Self-love, once again :)”

The authentic YOU

Do you know who you are? Can you honestly answer the question when they ask: tell me something about yourself? And I am pretty sure that people don’t want to know about your jobs or qualifications, they want to know about YOU. But who is the authentic you? Have you discovered yourself yet? For meContinue reading “The authentic YOU”

Everyone can change

You are capable of change. Everyone is capable. All you need to do is to make the decision that you want to change, the decision to change your thoughts, your life, your circumstances. I know that change might be uncomfortable. I have been there. And when change occurs, and it occurs inevitable, there will alwaysContinue reading “Everyone can change”


Hello and welcome to another beautiful day, Many things are happening around the world right now, and I am not going to dive deeply into this. It is so much pain, anger, frustration, not knowing or not understanding certain things and happenings. Yet, on the same time, every day we can experience joy, peace, happinessContinue reading “SEE THE ABUNDANCE”

It all starts with YOU

Good morning beautiful souls, There is one thing I would like to share with you, and it is simple: it all starts with you. When you start taking care of yourself, you start feeling better, start looking better, and you will even begin to attract better. It all starts with you. People tend to findContinue reading “It all starts with YOU”


Hello, good morning and welcome to another beautiful day. Today is Tuesday, and as you remember, yesterday I introduced you the new face of my website. Yayyyy!!! I decided to give it a new shape because it is part of the growth. Both personal and professional. And here let me ask you a question:  WhereContinue reading “FREE OFFER :)”

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