Do you tend to go to extremes?

A couple of years, even months ago, I was one of those who just refused to pay attention to the signals my body was sending to me to slow down, relax and just breath. I had the constant urge to prove myself, to put everyone else before me, finishing tasks what doesn’t serve me, orContinue reading “Do you tend to go to extremes?”

Do you feel that you are not “ready”?

Do you feel that you are not “ready”? There was a time in my life when I knew that I would like to do more. I had a strong feeling that I deserve more, but I never dared to move forward. I was procrastinating in making the first step because I convinced myself that IContinue reading “Do you feel that you are not “ready”?”


Are you trying to be “PERFECT”? Good morning beautiful souls, Hope you all had a great weekend and you are ready for another awesome week. Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on the following question: ✨ Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? Doing the same thing over and over again, because fromContinue reading “ARE YOU TRYING TO BE “PERFECT”?”


I talked lately with many people, telling me that no matter how hard they work, no matter how hard they try, it seems like they never reach their goals.  I believe that the main reason why people don’t reach their goals is the lack of clarity. A clearly defined goal always can be achieved. ButContinue reading “Clarity”

How do you begin your day?

How do you begin your day? A couple of years ago, I had a very self-destructive lifestyle, feeding my mind and my body with all kind of unhealthy stuff. Later on, when I decided to change my life, because deep inside, I felt that I am more, I deserve more, I started to study theContinue reading “How do you begin your day?”

Love your life

Today I was walking on the street, and I was smiling, people were looking at me strangely. Everybody, well most of them, wearing the facemasks, and with a sad or anxious look in their eyes whenever someone gets closer to them. Strange times what we are living now. But I was smiling. And I feltContinue reading “Love your life”


Today let`s take a moment and focus on paying attention to all the love and abundance that is around us. ✨ What do you focus on every day? ✨ What thoughts do you have all the time? Are you focusing on abundance, or thinking about what you lack? ✨ Are you still looking to findContinue reading “Gratitude”


Sounds familiar? How many times do you say this to yourself? Did you know that the way we think about ourselves, the way we talk about ourselves becomes our reality? Does it become the truth for us? 🛑 I would lovingly like to ask you: PLEASE STOP.  Now, please read the following statements and makeContinue reading “I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH”

To win, you must begin

No one never became successful in something, let it be anything, without first starting somewhere then keep training, learning, moving forward continuously.  Have you ever seen a football player being successful without many years of training and dedication? A tennis player who won Wimbledon, who become the best just like that? It requires years ofContinue reading “To win, you must begin”

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