About me

I am the author of the book “Re-ACT and change your life” , owner and founder of Easy Step Group Ltd., blogger, life coach, mum, wife, sister and friend. I have a degree in business management and a life coach diploma. 

I am a passionate person who believes that we all can be successful, that we all deserve not just an “ok” life, but a great and fulfilled life.

“With our thoughts we create our own reality.”

My journey

If you read my book “RE-ACT…and change your life” you will find that we have similarities in our lives, and you will realise that if I was able to succeed at the age of 40, you can do it too, no matter how old or young you are. Age is just a number.

I struggled many times in life, I have been up and down, many times down. But since I moved to London in 2014, I was able to change my way of thinking about life, health, relationships, money and success, and through this to completely change my life.

Born and raised in Transylvania, I left my country when I was only 19, running away from home with only a backpack, headed to Budapest Hungary. I wanted to change the world and to prove to my family, that we are not meant to be poor and we can change our circumstances if we really want to and we have the ‘Burning desire’.

I lived and worked in Budapest for 14  years, where I had good times, but I felt many times too.

When I moved to London in 2014, my life completely changed. I have learned to accept, respect and love myself, I learned that no matter what, I CAN follow my dreams and make them become a reality.

During the years, I have helped a lot of people, friends and strangers as well to find their own way in life, to trust in themselves and to believe that they can do it, no matter what.

I am here to help you to make your light shine.

I am here, to be your lighthouse, to guide you throughout your journey.

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♠️ My vision is to inspire you, beautiful soul, to help you find yourself, and
to realise how beautiful you are both inside and outside; to help you
learn and grow, to love yourself unapologetically and unconditionally. 

♠️ You deserve a happy, balanced and fulfilled life, and my mission is to
help you to get there, to be the lighthouse for you.


BA(HONS) Business Management
HND in Business Management
CPD Certified Diploma in life coaching
ABNLP Certification as NLP Practitioner

“Krisztina is very thoughtful, a great listener and she has a big heart which helps you navigate through difficult times. It was amazing to work with her.”

Lucia P.

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