About me

Hello my dear Friend,

If you read this part of my site, it means you are a curious type of person πŸ™‚ and that’s a good thing. Me too, you know 😊

β€œI have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein

And so, the future belongs to the curios 😊 and to satisfy your curiosity, here is, in nutshell, all about me


β—Š I was born in Transylvania in the late 70’s 😊

β—Š I left my country when I was only 19, running away from home, I wanted to change the world and to prove to my folks, that we are not meant to be poor and we can change our circumstances if we really want to and we have the β€˜Burning desire’.

β—Š I failed a couple of times

β€œThere are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth. Not going all the way and not starting.” – Buddha

β—Š I lived on the streets of Budapest for a couple of days, getting to know how to be homeless, hungry and dirty, being rejected at job interviews

β—Š Sold everything I had just to have a room, a bath and to wash my cloth

β—Š Getting a job for a living

β—Š Thinking wrong (by the time, I thought that everything and everybody was against me, so it was like that. I attracted all without knowing that I am the reason why I can’t succeed)

2010 Budapest

β—Š Working hard to earn money, reading a lot whenever I had time. Through books I have learned that another world, a different as mine one exits. A world of fame, happiness, success and well-being. I couldn’t figure out back then, how can I be there too. But I wanted to change my life badly.

β—Š I wished for a partner to share my life with, to share my dream with. My wish came true, I met my husband and we are happily together for many years now.

β—Š Started a business with friends. Back then, I was not aware that business is business and friendship is different. People are different. Think differently. Working hard, to build up a successful business. But, the sad part was, that it wasn’t for us, it was for someone else. But that’s all right. This is how I learned many things, what I found to be useful later on in my life.

β—Š I had my daughter, the essence of my being 😊 she is my life, my motivator, my sunshine, she is the main reason why I am here today, I am who I am today. She is the main reason for what I am extremely grateful every day of life.


β—Š Moved to London. Wow, it was tough.

β—Š Went to college

β—Š Went to university (University of Sunderland, London Campus)

β—Š Got my degree (BA Business Management)

β—Š Got my Diploma in Life Coaching πŸ™‚

β—Š Holidays in exotic places, I have never dreamed before




β—Š And…..in the meantime I have learned a lot.

β—Š I am into yoga, meditation and personal development

β—Š I am currently doing a course in Psychology


β—Š I have my own company

β—Š And in the meantime, during the years, I have helped a lot of people, friends and strangers as well to find their own way in life, to believe in themselves and to believe that they can do it, no matter what.

β—Š Using my life experience, everything what I have experienced and I have learned during the years, I came to the decision, that it was the time to follow my own dreams. To build the life what I always wanted for me and my family.

β—Š I am on the journey now and it is beautiful.

β—Š Sometimes difficult, I must say.


β—Š But I have faith, I believe that I can and I have the strong belief that I will succeed.

β—Š If you feel like that you want to change your life as well, we might be a good match.

β—Š Don’t hesitate to contact me. I am by your side. We can help each other to grow, to gain self-confidence and to succeed.

β€œThe mind is everything. What you think you become. β€œ – Buddha

2018 London

And recently I published my book “RE-ACT …and change your life” πŸ™‚

My work has been published on IngramSpark and is currently on sale on the following sites:

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Love, Krisztina

Email: Cristina.konya@gmail.com