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When you live your life in depression, stress, worry and anxiety for years, for your body and your mind is very difficult to recognize or accept the emotion of happiness, because it feels different, unusual.

When I decided to change my life, to be free of stress, worry, anxiety and their partners, when I decided it is the time to unapologetically and unconditionally love myself, then the hardest part began. It was resistance for change, especially in my body. Whenever my mind said: “Be happy, enjoy the moment, relax”, my body replied: “No, no, that is new, unknown, you do not need the unknown, the unexpected. Just stay where you are, in your comfort zone. That is safe”.

Sometimes, when I tried to break the old beliefs and habits, there was a physical pain in my body, as a result of resistance: headache, stomachache, dizziness.

✨ Do you ever have these sensations?

The good news is that love and happiness always win. It might not be easy sometimes, and it requires

✨ The decision to change

✨ The decision to be free, happy

✨ The decision to fully commit to yourself

✨ Determination

There were times when I almost gave up, saying: it might work for others, but for me, it is not working. The law of attraction might be for others, and I am not part of it; loving myself: how do I do that? And all kind of similar questions.

But I did it. I am so proud of myself for making the change, replacing the old beliefs which were part of my upbringing and my limited knowledge, with new, empowering beliefs.

I am who I am.

Still needs loads of work, there is always something new that needs to be experienced and learned, but I am proud of myself and proud of the person of who I am today.

✨ Are you ready to embrace happiness, freedom and self-love in your life?

✨ Are you willing to change?

✨ Are you ready to fully commit to yourself?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, I might be able to help you. I have been there, I have experienced anxiety, depression, stress and lack of self-confidence, I have experienced self-doubt. But these can be changed, in your favour.

All it takes it is a decision. Get in touch with me if you feel like having a good talk and taking the first step to a new, free and happy you.

✨✨ My six weeks intensive F.L.Y program opens in September. Let me know if you are interested in working with me. 

Your new life is only one email away.

Until then, I wish you to have the courage to listen to your inner voice and love yourself unapologetically and unconditionally. F.L.Y, first love yourself.

Much love,


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Published by Krisztina Konya

Krisztina is an author, blogger, company owner, life coach, mum and wife. With a strong academic background (BA (Hons) Business Management), she founded her company in 2018. The company provides consultancy services for those who would like to continue their studies and enrol into educational institutions in London. Beside building up the company image, on personal touch, Krisztina provides help to people to boost their confidence, step out from their comfort zone, help them to set clear goals and in achieving them. She is there for all those who want to chose the path of personal and professional development, by boosting their self-confidence and encouraging them to take action and not to be afraid to follow their dreams. Krisztina offers one-to-one life coaching and personal development workshops. Krisztina's vision is to motivate and inspire as many woman and man as she can. " I will always do it my way, no matter what, And always keep moving forward, no matter what. Even if only I can see it, I will always follow my dream. My vision is to inspire, motivate people and to show them that if you find the reason "why", then you are able to change your life. And I will do it...MY way :)" Much love, Krisztina

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