Searching for good news

I believe being informed is important. And we get ourselves updated in different ways.

I’m not a tv fan, but I do get informed about important things. At the moment I feel like overwhelmed of bad news. The social media, the headlines on the Internet, everywhere you see is only one topic. Yes, it’s important to know, but at the moment I think the negativity and the fear must be balanced with news about good things too!

So, I’m in search of good news!

I hope good things are happening, and I want to know about it! I want to know that there is a bright side of life too, that yes, there’s a lot of joy, healing and love happening around the world 🌎!!!

The thing is, that people are at home, watching tv and fearing to hug each other 🤔

This time could be used to do things we never had the time to do. The Sun is shining, spring is here, there is now the time to do the spring cleaning, selecting clothes, window cleaning, gardening…. baking bread, playing Monopoly and good news searching 😊

I am in search of good news…please tell me about the good things that happened recently ❤😊


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My name is Anna Konya. I am a Hungarian self-taught artist born in Romania in the Ceausescu regime. I am a freelance artist and blogger who through my art I would like to express my visions and views on subjects like, love, life, mindfulness, healing, feelings, inner strength, soul and spirituality. I enjoy traveling, learning about new cultures, curious about people, healing, love and life joy. I am living a challenging and beautiful life journey. Lately, I moved to Tirana, Albania. Until now my works are mainly drawings made on sketch paper, with felt tip and marker. And I started to do paintings, on canvas, and sketch paper. Back in Hungary in the past few years, I had around 9 exhibitions and nowadays I successfully exposed my works in Tirana and in London along with other great artists. One of my drawings named "Szimbiózis" had been used for the successful poem book cover "Ambróziák" published in Hungary, by a well-known author H. Gabor Erzsebet. In my life art had a huge impact, especially some years ago when I was diagnosed with a tumor in my head. I started drawing after I found out about this illness that affected my whole life but definitely fixed my vision. As a child, I always liked to create, but an unfortunate experience at age 17, made me stop, not being aware that I do have talent, and that I do deny my whole self. This changed shortly after my diagnosis when just by chance one afternoon I started to draw again...and never quit. In my case, art is all about healing, and expressed feelings. I love teaching people about the importance of free will, sincerity, freedom of art, vision and finding the purpose in life. For me, drawing represents a vital part of the healing process, and my message is that expressing your feelings through art or writing can have a massive impact on your health and wellbeing. My purpose in life is to help people on how to express their feelings and to motivate them to go for their dreams, for their passion.  

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