What if I can?

what if i can

Now you see, when you are not sure about yourself, not sure what is your path, have no goals and dreams, it is very easy for others to control you, judge you, disappoint you. Very easy to pull you down. When you expect to be recognised by others, loved, understood, looked after, you would do anything and become anything what is not you just to get a smile, a hug, a nice word. You would do anything to be loved. Am I right?

But on the moment when you became aware of yourself, and you put yourself first, and you start to pay attention on what YOU want, well then everything will change.

When you have no goals and dreams, but at one moment you say “I would like to be someone”, everybody around you will come like this: “oh, of course you can`t” or “come on, wake up. Back to reality.” Or “you are not good in this” or “you will fail”. Am I right?

How many times you`ve heard this? Think for a moment. Then think again: despite of all what others say, you will be like: WHAT IF I try? What if I can?

Wouldn’t be that an amazing moment of awakening? Awakening to life. To your life. Then, on the moment when you DECIDE that YOU CAN DO IT, then your life will truly start. Are you ready??

I believe that you can. I believe that each and every one of us can do it, each and every one of us deserve a good life. It`s only up to you really.

Life is full of choices. In your everyday life, you make hundreds of choices just in one single day. Am I right? Think about it.  What if you make the choice to change your life? Wouldn’t be that an amazing moment?

Every day you can choose joy, happiness, laughter, pain, suffering , negativity. Choose life! Choose to live! Choose happiness! Choose to be a better you today then you were yesterday.

Let`s do it our way!!

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Author: Cristina Konya

I am a believer. I have faith. I know that happiness comes from inside. I've changed and I enjoy the benefits of changing my mind set and changing my attitude. I am grateful every day for all that is already mine or it's on its way to me. Are you ready to change your life too? Get in touch with me by sending me an email to Cristina.konya@gmail.com and we will find out together if we are a good match and we can work together or what are the options. There is always a choice to make. Chose to live your life as you always wanted. Love, Cristina.

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