Dare to be YOU

be you

“Be amongst the few who DARE to follow their dreams.”

That’s sometimes hard, because we live in a society where the old beliefs and social norms are limiting us, the expectations are to be “how you have to be”. Especially we, women`s are afraid to show the way we really are and how we feel truly feel inside, because we are affraid that we will be judged.

Everybody expects you to be a good daughter, a good mother and wife, and few people care about what YOU really want, who you really want to be. You are afraid to follow your dreams, because of what others will think, what others will say about you. Therefore, what I am trying to say here is: you can be a good a daughter, a good mother and a good wife, you can be a good friend and a great support to your family and to all those around you, BUT in order for YOU to be happy, you have to dare to be yourself too. Expose yourself, go out there, show yourself, dare to be different, dare to be You, dare to follow your own dreams.

Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams, follow your passion, as if you feel good, you are happy, you shine, everyone around you will shine with you.

Everyone is unique, every one of us has a special talent, something what you are good at, something that you like to do and makes you feel happy. Dare to express yourself, dare to show yourself to the word.

Of course, not everyone will like you, as we have different wants and needs, different opinions, there will always be someone who will judge you or dislike you, no matter what you do. But this is there problem, not yours. You weren`t born to please everyone. Do what you like, show it to the world, and if it will be good for you, it will be good for those around you, it will be good for those who matter to you. Surround yourself with like-minded people, positive thinking people, who will lift you up and support you along the way and for your own good, for your own peace of mind, get rid of negative people who are around you and always pull you down.

Because if you have the courage to show yourself, who you truly are, then you can say that you are successful, happy and you will shine.

Dare to be yourself, dare to follow your dreams. It will be easy? Probably not, because you will face a lot of critiques and that look in people`s eyes saying `are you crazy?` But you know what? That’s all right. Let them talk. You just stand up, get up, put on your lipstick and show yourself to the world. Shine. Dare to be yourself. And the rest will follow. Remember: happiness is a state of mind, so chose to be happy. Dare to follow your dreams, because if there is a vison, there is clarity in your goals and what you truly want, there will always be a way to reach it, too.

Believe that you can and you are halfway there, as nothing is impossible.

Love, Krisztina

Author: Cristina Konya

I am a believer. I have faith. I know that happiness comes from inside. I've changed and I enjoy the benefits of changing my mind set and changing my attitude. I am grateful every day for all that is already mine or it's on its way to me. Are you ready to change your life too? Get in touch with me by sending me an email to Cristina.konya@gmail.com and we will find out together if we are a good match and we can work together or what are the options. There is always a choice to make. Chose to live your life as you always wanted. Love, Cristina.

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