Just like that :)

Hello everyone ,

It’s a beautiful Saturday evening, isn’t it? Feeling relaxed, happy and finally surrounded by my loved ones. I had a very busy and exciting week, many of my wishes came true, I’ve got tired. But a different “tired” than I’m used to be. Good tired, happy tired. As in the past few months I’ve learned to rest, not to give up, I’ve learned how and where to focus my energy, my undivided attention. Slowly slowly I can see the results and I can feel the energy through my whole body. And believe me, that’s an amazing feeling. I wish so much that you, my dear friend feel the same as well. I wish you to learn how to rest and never give up, how to focus on your goal. Spend every day a couple of minutes visualizing the life what you always wanted, feel it in every cell of your body. And when the next Saturday comes, just take a look on the week that just gone by and you will see that you moved a step closer. And as you move closer to your goal, to your dream, your confidence in yourself will grow and grow. Believe in yourself and in your ability to succeed.

Saying all this , I wish All a blessed and wonderful Saturday evening.

With love,


Author: Cristina Konya

I am a believer. I have faith. I know that happiness comes from inside. I've changed and I enjoy the benefits of changing my mind set and changing my attitude. I am grateful every day for all that is already mine or it's on its way to me. Are you ready to change your life too? Get in touch with me by sending me an email to Cristina.konya@gmail.com and we will find out together if we are a good match and we can work together or what are the options. There is always a choice to make. Chose to live your life as you always wanted. Love, Cristina.

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