Now, here is the thing: nobody, not one person, knows what dreams you have, what ambitions you set for yourself and to be honest, no one really cares. You are the only one who can make your dream happen, by believing that you can, by determination, by being grateful for what you already have and what you already achieved and for what is yet to come.

Sometimes you will need help for achieving your goals, don’t be afraid to look and ask for help. Recognize the opportunity when it is in front of you and grab every possibility what life offers you. Everything what you wished for can be yours. Quiet your self-doubts, gain self-confidence and develop yourself, as knowledge is power. And there is power in your thoughts. Another thing: don’t be afraid to fail. Fear is worse than failure when it comes to make your dreams come true.

Join me on my first public event organized on the 22nd of November 2018 in London, United Kingdom and you will find out more about me, about my road, you will see that my life is your life and how we can be successful together. This is a big step in my life, as I had to overcome my fear of speaking in public, but now all I feel is the excitement and the happiness in my soul, that finally I do what I really like and I have always wanted. Learn to express yourself, don’t be afraid of dreaming big, as I tell you: Nothing it’s impossible, as the power to reach the stars is within You.

Love, Cristina

P.S If you feel that you would like to know me, to know who I am and who you are, join me on my speaking event in London. Tickets are on sale on

Looking forward to meeting you there, with lots of love, Cristina.


Published by Krisztina Konya

Krisztina is an author, blogger, company owner, life coach, mum and wife. With a strong academic background (BA (Hons) Business Management), she founded her company in 2018. The company provides consultancy services for those who would like to continue their studies and enrol into educational institutions in London. Beside building up the company image, on personal touch, Krisztina provides help to people to boost their confidence, step out from their comfort zone, help them to set clear goals and in achieving them. She is there for all those who want to chose the path of personal and professional development, by boosting their self-confidence and encouraging them to take action and not to be afraid to follow their dreams. Krisztina offers one-to-one life coaching and personal development workshops. Krisztina's vision is to motivate and inspire as many woman and man as she can. " I will always do it my way, no matter what, And always keep moving forward, no matter what. Even if only I can see it, I will always follow my dream. My vision is to inspire, motivate people and to show them that if you find the reason "why", then you are able to change your life. And I will do it...MY way :)" Much love, Krisztina

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