In order to have the life what you have always wanted, what you always desired, the most important is to really believe that you can have everything you wished for. That you can create it. You are the Creator of your life, everything that happens to you is the manifestation of your thoughts and believes. You are the One, you have the power to create the life what you have always wanted.

There is a story told by Sadhguru I would like to share with you. Read and learn from it. He said, that there was a man. He walked alone on a long road. He walked and walked and he reached a beautiful place, he thought that he is in Heaven. But on his long walk, he get tired. He thought: “I am tired. I wish I have a place where I can rest.” Than he looked around the beautiful place. He found a nice layer of grass under one tree, just the perfect place where he can rest. He laid down and suddenly fall asleep. When he woke up, he was full of energy and well rested. Then he thought: “I am hungry, I wish I have something to eat.” Than he imagine all the food what he would like to eat, and everything was there, he only had to reach out his hand and get it. Than he thought: “I am thirsty, I wish I have something to drink.” When he looked around, there was a nice creek, so he could drink fresh water. Than the man started to think: “How strange. Everything I had wished for I get it. Something must be wrong. Ghosts must be around and make all this happen.” And suddenly ghosts were there. Surrounding him. Than he thought: “oh, I will be in pain, I am afraid of ghosts” and pain was what he get. “Oh, I’m going to die.” And he died.

Whatever you really wish for, it will manifest. Your wish is a command to the Universe. It will make it happen. You don’t have to know “how”, it’s the job of the Universe to make it happen. All you have to know and to really truly believe is, that you will have it. And your wish is a command, and everything will happen as you wished for.

Be aware of your thoughts, they are powerful. Think good thoughts, strongly believe that everything you wished for is already yours or on its way, and you will have it. Stay focused and organized in your thoughts, visualize whatever you want and you will have it.

If I would say to you now, said Sadhguru: from the place where you are right now, fly. Will you fly? Of course not. But if I would say: stand up and walk, will you stand up and walk? Of course you will. As you know how to walk, you have done it before millions of times. But you don’t believe that you can fly, and you won’t fly. We are afraid of unknown, we are afraid of something new and we forget that we are the creators of this world. We create the world, as it is, with our mind, with our thoughts and believes.

Always believe that you can and it will be yours. Be aware of your thoughts, be aware of what you really want, don’t change direction from time to time as it will create confusion, stay focused in your mind on what you want, and it will manifest. Always.

Love, Cristina


Published by Krisztina Konya

Krisztina is an author, blogger, company owner, life coach, mum and wife. With a strong academic background (BA (Hons) Business Management), she founded her company in 2018. The company provides consultancy services for those who would like to continue their studies and enrol into educational institutions in London. Beside building up the company image, on personal touch, Krisztina provides help to people to boost their confidence, step out from their comfort zone, help them to set clear goals and in achieving them. She is there for all those who want to chose the path of personal and professional development, by boosting their self-confidence and encouraging them to take action and not to be afraid to follow their dreams. Krisztina offers one-to-one life coaching and personal development workshops. Krisztina's vision is to motivate and inspire as many woman and man as she can. " I will always do it my way, no matter what, And always keep moving forward, no matter what. Even if only I can see it, I will always follow my dream. My vision is to inspire, motivate people and to show them that if you find the reason "why", then you are able to change your life. And I will do it...MY way :)" Much love, Krisztina

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