Dream + action = reality

If you have a dream, you want to change your life, than don’t be lazy, do something for it. Wake up every morning determined , motivated and grateful, make a plan ahead and the most important: take action. A dream without action will only remain a dream. Don’t wait with your arms crossed for something to happen, get up, stand up and go for it.

If you procrastinate, if you expect others to help you, if you are afraid to write that email, send that letter or make that phone call what might change your life, nothing will change. You will be on the same place, not moving forward.

Make a plan ahead, an action plan. Have a vision, imagine that you already accomplished your goal. Imagine how would you feel, how your life will look like. Nowadays, we have all the necessary tools in front of us to put the plan in action. Be clear on your goal and undoubtly, ideas and opportunities on how to get there will arrive. Don’t wait for things just to happen in your life. Take action, learn, develop yourself. Research and move forward constantly. Take your plan and start brake it down in small steps, small tasks to accomplish each and every day. If you put your plan in action, soon you will find that you are closer to your dream. One step closer every day. Be bold, be motivated, have faith and be grateful. Move, constantly move forward. If something doesn’t work out from the first try, that’s all right. It’s not a failure, it’s a valuable lesson. Give to others and you will receive back. Serve othrs and you will be happy, rich and satisfied. One step closer to your dream every day.

You can make your dream a realty by taking action.

What is that one thing what you can do and you will do today? Do it now.

Love , Krisztina



Imagine a 1st born girl in the family. Do you know what does it mean? Everyone expects you to be the best, do your best, be the smartest, the brightest, the nicest girl and you try really hard, you are doing the best you can to please everyone, do good to everyone, help everyone and embrace everyone. Except yourself. You raise the bar high. Then higher and higher. Then you will be exhausted, burned out. For what? You carry this baggage with you for almost 40 years. Taking care of everyone. Except you. You have the feeling that if you are not the best, the brightest, the smartest, if you don’t help everyone and do everything for people around you, you will be rejected. Then one day you realize that this is not love. Not an unconditional love. And you start to think. To wish for more. Dream about a different life.  Wanting something just for yourself. In the beginning you feel ashamed, you think that you are selfish because you started to think about yourself first and then the others.

This was me. Full of doubt, lack of self-confidence, not happy about the way I look, the way I talk and walk. I had the strange feeling that everyone talks behind me, judging me, laughing on me. I never paid attention to the most important thing in my life: myself. All I knew was that I have to change. First of all myself. To change the way I was thinking. To love myself, respect myself, believe in myself. There is no one else like me. There is no one else like you. We are unique. With all our imperfections. This is what makes us to be perfect, just the way we are.

If I was able to change my life, you can too. You don’t need money for this!!!

This is the biggest limiting belief. If you are able to change your attitude, the way of your thinking, if you believe in yourself and you have the courage to take the first step to self-transformation in faith, the rest will follow, there is no doubt. Success will follow and money too. I use to think that everything is about money, everything moves around money. How wrong I was!! Tell me: do you need money to laugh? Do you need money to love unconditionally someone? Do you need money to breath in the fresh morning air? Do you need money to enjoy the sunshine? Do you need money to dance freely and tell me, do you need money to sing in the rain and feel extremely happy?

If you are able to change your old limiting beliefs into new, empowering beliefs, if you are able to change the way of how you think, to change your attitude, you decide to follow your dreams and to be happy, the money will follow too, this is just a bonus to all the blessings and good things what will come to you along the way.

I have all my thoughts and feelings on paper. Everything from the past 20 years. Took the shape of a book. Maybe soon I will have the courage to show it to the world. For you to learn. For you to change. To make the good decision. To avoid mistakes.

Until then: just simply believe in yourself and in your abilities. You can change your life. Reborn, like a phoenix. Stronger, wiser.

With love, Krisztina

There is always a way

If you know in your heart where you want to be and who you want to be, if you have the courage and the motivation to start, no matter how far and how hard it seems to be now, there is always a way.

Have faith, believe in yourself and be grateful, opportunities will arrive.

There is always a way. If there is no way, is called excuses.

Love, Krisztina

Re-charging :)

Holiday. Re-charging batteries, as my father would say. I’m well rested and happy. I’m ready for my new challenges. New workshops , motivation events and my very first book. 🙂 yupiii.. I’m very excited about it. New chapter in my life, full of gratitude and faith. I believe in myself more than ever. I’m grateful for everything in my life, ups and downs, because this is how I became the person who I am today.

Learn to rest not to quit.



People will judge you anyway

The truth is that I’ve realized that no matter what you do, how good or bad you are, how rich or poor you are, if you wear make up or not, if you dress nicely or not, if you follow your dreams or not, people will judge you anyway. No matter what you do, there will be always someone who will judge you, dislike you, criticize you.

People tend to judge what they see, from their perspective, not who you truly are.

So why not just be yourself , do what you love, feel good and follow your dreams? Do whatever you feel right, give when you feel that you have to give and receive with gratitude what life has to offer you. Dare to be you, dare to ask, don’t be ashamed of being good, being different, being unique. Follow your dream, build your life , love yourself and allow yourself to shine. Because people will judge you anyway. It’s they’re problem, not yours.

Love, Krisztina

Anna’s art

My dear All. Please take time and browse the website of the artist, you will find many colourful and meaningful drawings. If there is any of the drawings you feel that touches your soul or have something to say to you, you can purchase the art work directly from the website or by contacting the artist.

Enjoy the beauty.

Love, Krisztina


Listen to your heart

Listen to your heart. Always, no matter what. Being “rational “, making logical and rational choices is not always the right thing to do. If you make a choice based on logic, rational, what seems to be “normal ” but your heart is telling you something else, stop for a moment and think. Am I making the right choice? Following your instinct, following your heart, might not be the easiest way, but it is always the right way. Thoughts are coming and going, but emotions, the voice of your heart will last longer, will last forever. Before you make a choice, before you make a decision, stop for a moment only and think: does it worth it? Is this truly me? Is this what I really want ? Your mind is trained to follow the “logical”, “rational” things, but your soul, your heart will always know what is the best for you, what is the right for you. Always follow the voice of your heart and do and chose what makes You happy. Really and truly happy. Because that’s the most important thing.

Love, Krisztina